'AI Steve' to become the first AI candidate to contest in UK elections


'AI Steve' to become the first AI candidate to contest in UK elections

In the forthcoming UK elections, Businessman Steve Endacott is running as an independent candidate but his campaign features an AI-generated avatar named “AI Steve”. The UK voters will thus have the chance to elect the world's first AI lawmaker. Steve Endacott, who runs Neural Voice, is launching a new political party that plans to recruit more AI candidates across the country. This election marks the beginning of this initiative.

"We're launching a party, we're going to be recruiting more AI candidates across the country after this election, and we see this as the launch, building block for something big and something democratic," he told a news source.

According to Endacott, his frustration with "standard politics" made him decide to run as an independent for the Brighton Pavilion constituency in the southern seaside town.  

The name "AI Steve" interacts with locals in real-time on topics like LGBTQ rights, housing to bin collection and immigration. It then puts forward policy ideas before asking for their suggestions.

The elections watchdog, the Electoral Commission, when asked about AI Steve, said that if he wins, Endacott would be the member of parliament (MP), not any AI version of him. 

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