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BHIM to join e-commerce, competing with PhonePe and Google Pay


BHIM to join e-commerce, competing with PhonePe and Google Pay

The government-supported payment software BHIM is getting ready to join the e-commerce space in an effort to disrupt PhonePe and Google Pay's monopoly on the digital payment sector. With the use of the ONDC platform created by NPCI, BHIM intends to expand the range of products it offers to include groceries, clothing, cuisine, and more. To strengthen its position in the market, NPCI named Rahul Handa as BHIM's Chief Commercial Officer.


BHIM plans to launch this initiative through a separate division, aiming to increase its user base. The strategy includes offering many products and services such as food and beverages, fashion items, groceries, and apparel. This move comes at a time when BHIM downloads are increasing due to regulatory restrictions on Paytm, another key player in the sector.


Since its inception in 2016, BHIM has struggled to gain traction because of limited marketing resources and low consumer awareness. To address this, NPCI is set to launch the BHIM 2.0 project, aimed at enhancing user experience and promoting adoption through strategic alliances like ONDC. However, industry experts warn that relying solely on ONDC may not be sufficient to change established consumer habits and preferences.


In an attempt to reduce the risks associated with over-dependence on dominant players like Google Pay and PhonePe, NPCI is encouraging investment in new third-party payment apps on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).


This diversification strategy aims to decrease the high transaction concentration on these platforms.

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