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Instagram unveils the newest stickers for Stories


Instagram unveils the newest stickers for Stories

Instagram improved artistic expression with new interactive stickers for Stories. Two noteworthy additions are the Add Yours Music sticker, which lets followers submit their songs, and the Reveal sticker, which blurs content until viewers DM the poster. Additional upgrades include a direct Story Camera widget for iOS users in addition to Frames and Cutouts stickers.


The company is also introducing a new Add Yours Music sticker which Instagram followers of the poster can add their music of choice too. It works similarly to the Add Yours images or Reel sticker. People viewing the story can click on the sticker to post a Story with the same sticker alongside images and music of their choice.


Instagram Stories will also now have a Frames sticker option, which turns any photo into an instant Polaroid-like print. The Cutouts sticker option, true to its name, allows users to create stickers with cutouts from different images to use on Instagram Stories.


Meanwhile, Instagram also recently added a new feature to its iOS app which helps clicking and posting Stories more accessible. iOS users can now add a new lock screen widget which directly opens the Story Camera, allowing users to click a picture or shoot a video and post it as a Story, without opening the main Instagram application.


Meta recently confirmed that Instagram will test features that blur messages with nudity content to protect teenage users and "prevent potential scammers from reaching them."


This announcement came on the heels of growing allegations that the Meta-owned apps were addictive and have contributed to mental health issues among young people.

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