Government to soon announce PLI for drones


Government to soon announce PLI for drones

The government will very soon announce the first set of production-linked incentives for drones, civil aviation secretary Rajiv Bansal said. While 15 drone categories have been certified so far, Bansal said the government is promoting a scheme for creation of airports, heliports and seaports. There has been progress on small airfields and that work is in progress on heliports.


Bansal said, "The most challenging have been the seaports. That is our focus area. We are working with the Ministry of Shipping. This year, we should be able to complete a few of them in different locations. One of the biggest challenges in seaports is environmental clearance as there are huge environmental concerns around it. Some of the seaports being built in Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep should see the light of day in FY24."


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