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Meta launches verified subscription service in the US


Meta launches verified subscription service in the US

Meta has officially launched its paid “verified” subscription service for its social media platforms in the United States. This is similar to Twitter’s own service that was set up under CEO Elon Musk. Meta said in a statement that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Meta Verified will start gradually rolling out in the next few weeks following early testing in Australia and New Zealand.


The statement said that the service will provide users with account verification once their identity is confirmed with a government identification. The program gives users a verification badge, “proactive” account protection to monitor for impersonators and access to account support on Facebook and Instagram.


It said no changes would be made to accounts that were already verified through being a public figure, celebrity or brand and meeting eligibility requirements.


Meta Verified has provided users in Australia and New Zealand with increased reach and visibility in search, comments and recommendations to give smaller creators more chances to be seen by potential future followers. But the company has put a pause in that feature for now after receiving feedback that it was confusing and will take time to “further explore its value.”

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