ACPL identifies vulnerabilities and validate security defenses to enhance customer’s security


ACPL identifies vulnerabilities and validate security defenses to enhance customer’s security

Vishal Bindra 
CEO, ACPL Systems


Since the company is a systems integrator (SI) it continues implementing the services to the customers. As they say about digital transformation it is right from identifying the customer, acquisition of the customer, explaining what solutions they sell to the customers, then delivery of the services. They are trying to do everything from a digitalization prospect. As a cyber-security company, it is trying to have layers of cyber security in all of those steps. It uses that as a use case to showcase to their customers. Right from able to identify the customer, till delivering the complete services to the customer is something it has made sure. It has ensured digitalization in every single process of HR, its operations, its sales acquisition and service delivery. It makes its customers feel enriched and secured. 

There is no choice but to continue to become digitally focused because today, the consumption of every information has become digital. So there is no other way but to speed-up and become very aggressive in this particular thing. Speed and accuracy is the key in this particular thing and the company will continue to follow that.

One of the most effective strategies since the company has been in the similar business for the last thirty-two years is to put in flow-chart for doing a particular process.  While it is trying to accelerate digital transformation the biggest challenge was to cut and put everything into the smallest do-able practice or smallest packet of conversion. That means how it can break one large process into multiple small processes, and then it can make every process digitally.

Right from day one it is important to know which digital assets you have and which you want to protect. Security is important because the threat is not going to come down, it will continue to grow. The company understands that security goes deeper than software and applications. It touches every layer of the network infrastructure and requires a holistic defense strategy that aligns people, processes and technology. Far from deploying a product that you can build and forget, true security needs to be fortified with continuous testing, monitoring and review. It works with you to identify weak spots in your network and design a custom security solution to aptly fit the needs of your organization. Instead of focusing on everything you should know what the crown jewels within your company are, protect them and ensure they are always functional and available.

Everybody has to be concerned about information security. Any kind of data is a digital asset, which can be under attack all the time. So information Security takes the top priority for customers and that is something the company is focused on all the time.
ACPL’s Cyber Risk Assessment Services(ACRAS) offer comprehensive vulnerability and exploits validation services to identify the weaknesses on customer’s IT infra, help them prioritize the remediation, strengthen their security controls and reduce cyber risk.
ACRAS vulnerability assessment services are a proactive service to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and network. The objective is to find flawed areas that leave your organization exposed to malicious attacks. Risks could include: exploitable DNS configurations, out of date and unpatched software, misconfigured firewalls, and unencrypted login credentials. It is important to identify these issues before criminals do.

ACPL’s CRAS provides robust vulnerability assessment services, which performs scans across internal and external network devices, servers, web applications, databases, and other assets in both on-premise and cloud environments. We identify vulnerabilities and validate security defenses to enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency.

ACRAS remove the ongoing burden that Vulnerability Management places on your team and give you back control and peace of mind through:

  • Complete visibility of vulnerabilities in your systems, applications and network
  • Reporting optimized for your environment, threat landscape and compliance
  • Prioritized to-do lists that you can put to action straight away


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