Most Trusted Brands 2022 : AMD


Most Trusted Brands 2022 : AMD

Lisa Su - CEO


KEY DIFFERENTIATOR: AMD is a global company that specializes in manufacturing semiconductor devices used in computer processing. The company also produces flash memories, graphics processors, motherboard chip sets, and a variety of components used in consumer electronics goods. The company is great at balancing price and performance in its products, which means that they are among the best value processors on the market. AMD CPUs have always been so much more than affordable alternatives to Intel's offerings.


PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS: Processors, Graphics, Accelerators, Software, Xilinx Products, Data Center and Cloud, High Performance Computing, Business and Workstation, Xilinx Solutions by Technology, Xilinx Solutions by Industry, gaming laptops, gaming desktops.


BRAND VISIBILITY: AMDs mission is to become the recognized leader in powering the life-changing products and experiences that allow users to create, consume, and share seamlessly across billions of immersive devices. The company takes inspiration from its customers to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges and possibilities of the digital age. It does not create technology for technology's sake; it innovates for its customers and what they can achieve.


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