Hema Malini suggests to perform regular havan at home to ward off Coronavirus


Hema Malini suggests to perform regular havan at home to ward off Coronavirus

BJP MP from Mathura, Hema Malini has claimed that performing regular 'havan' at home can protect a person from various diseases, including coronavirus. Sharing a video on World Environment Day on Saturday she appealed to the people to perform havan at their homes to "cleanse the environment" and also save themselves from various diseases, such as Covid-19.


The lawmaker also shared the ingredients used by her for havan neem leaves, ghee, cloves, mustard seeds, salt and loban. She said, "I have been doing this for many years after offering puja. And, started doing it twice a day since the pandemic. It not only cleans the environment, but also gives a sense of purity, besides keeping diseases like corona out."


In another purported video shared on Friday, Hema Malini had said that practice of havan is believed to be effective in cleaning the negativity since ages. "Today the entire world is struggling with the pandemic outbreak and the wrath of nature. I appeal to everyone to hold havan at home not only on environment day but almost every day till we defeat corona," she said, adding that this solution has no connection with any caste or religion. She also congratulated the RSS Mathura wing for taking an initiative of organising havan in every household on the World Environment Day.


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