D-Link continues its efforts in bringing out innovative network solutions in 2020


D-Link continues its efforts in bringing out innovative network solutions in 2020

Tushar Sighat
MD & CEO, D-Link (India) Ltd.


D-Link is a premium networking brand in the country that leads the networking segment with its end-to-end networking solution. It is a trusted brand in the WLAN segment while also being a prominent player in the structured cabling segment. 


Further with its foray into the CCTV segment, D-Link has diversified its product portfolio, and now it enjoys a considerable market share in this space.

D-Link has and will continue to bring innovation in networking. D-Link’s team of engineers has been working on developing products that are secure & future ready. Recently D-Link launched a series of McAfee enabled routers for the India market. Utilizing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Mesh, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6, D-Link’s latest solutions create a truly intelligent connection. For SMBs, D-Link continues to build innovative network solutions that meet all business networking needs.


To enhance business innovation, D-Link has developed new technology, such as the Nuclias Cloud Networking Solution.  2020 will hence see more advanced products coming out from the house of D-Link.


D-Link has been actively working towards understanding the evolving market needs and enabling customers with customized solutions. 


In addition to Digital medium, D-Link continues to leverage on traditional marketing methods like print advertisement, billboards, Point-of-purchase display etc. to establish a strong customer relationship.  


With D-Link’s marketing campaigns, it seeks to extend its Innovative networking solution to the masses as well as business enterprises and help differentiate the brand positioning.



D-Link leverages technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics to expand sales, customer acquisition, analyze buying trends and improve customer experience. These efforts have helped it to exemplify its brand value, enhance customer confidence along with conviction from business partners when it comes to doing business with D-Link. Over the years D-Link has built a strong digital team which is constantly working towards enhancing its presence across digital platforms – both social & business networks.

Cyber security today is an important aspect of any business. D-Link is mindful of the cyber threats and has defined its cyber security policy to ensure utmost security of its business. Through learning programs, D-Link has empowered its employees on the importance of data protection and security protocols. The company has also invested in cybersecurity tools like antivirus software, firewall, and other privacy tools to automatically scan threats.


D-Link products also feature high level security features that make it difficult for intruders and hackers to invade into the customer network. D-Link’s very recent introduction - EXO series Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Routers are equipped with McAfee protection; so one can easily defend themselves at the network level way before threats come close. McAfee Secure Home Platform in the D-Link EXO Routers protects all devices connected to the network, and emerging threats are identified and blocked even before it comes close. D-Link Business Cloud is another such solution that is equipped with security features and UTM capabilities which allow for service blocking and site blocking.

Innovation has been at the core of D-Link’s Business strategy. It has led the networking segment with Innovation for over three decades, and it is this passion for innovation that continues to define D-Link’s success.


The Digital India campaign has specifically led to a boost in the ICT segment, as the government is working towards laying the foundation for a strong IT infrastructure that can efficiently support its vision of a digitized economy. D-Link is thrilled at the plethora of opportunities being presented and is all set to support the government endeavour of Building a Digital India.


D-Link is also focusing on ‘Make in India’; at present more than 45% of its products are manufactured in India. The target is to take it to 80% plus in the next 2 to 3 years.


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