At Commvault’s core lies innovation and its ‘Be Ready’ spirit


At Commvault’s core  lies innovation and its  ‘Be Ready’ spirit

Ramesh Mamgain
AVP, India & SAARC - Commvault



As consumer needs are dynamic, it leaves organisations with a choice to either stick to what their forte is and hope for the best or adapt to the changes, and evolve. That’s the essence of what encouraged in reinventing the brand.


Commvault chose to build on its outstanding legacy by doing what it does best while going hand in hand with innovation. This strategic move led to its industry-leading product portfolio which enables its customers navigate the digital world successfully and always be Data Ready.


As a brand Commvault enables enterprises to re-imagine the way they manage their data, and leverage a one-stop solution that brings a smart, simple and hybrid IT approach. Its strongest pillar is its partners since a prominent chunk of its business comes through them and so Commvault continuously adapts to help its partners grow.


As enterprises and their knowledge about Data evolve, solution providers will have to look at new and improved ways to set the benchmark for delivery for their customers, especially when it comes to data storage and safety.


There is a blurring line between primary and secondary data. With this paradigm shift, the expectations from secondary data to be resourceful and to drive value have also come in. That is why Commvault’s latest acquisition, Hedvig changes this game; it integrates the software-defined storage capabilities with the Commvault’s industry-leading solution. Similarly, with Metallic Commvault brought in a powerful, impactful and cutting edge solution through a simple SaaS delivery.


Cyber attacks will increase in number and complexities and there needs to be more preparedness in terms of handling them. The time is now for organizations to find proficient ways to have a proactive cyber risk framework and a state of compliance readiness.


When adversity arises, customers depend on Commvault to minimise the risk of losing their data and agility in recovering it. Commvault’s objective is to guard backup data against being infected, deleted, changed, or corrupted. With the help of its capabilities, and contextual domain knowledge Commvault protects organisational data, applications, workloads, so that they can operate smoothly and seamlessly, even in the event of a cyber attack. That is why it is a preferred partner for enterprises to manage their data in an agile, secure, compliant way, which gives them a competitive edge.


As a leading global provider of data protection and management solutions, Commvault sees India to be at the epicentre of the digital economy by 2025. Its customers in the region are going through rapid evolution of digital transformation and Commvault is continuously innovating to equip them with capabilities to ensure their data stay safe, secure and compliant.


The digital India initiatives are also driving further growth in the data protection and storage sector as a whole. While adopting a successful data security strategy is crucial, the overall success of an organization relies heavily on how efficient their storage strategy is. There is a huge untapped potential in this market, and once the new bill is in place, the country will only require more players like Commvault to be active.



The two prominent trends in 2020 that will have an impact on businesses as well as consumers are data security and governance. In the age of the thriving knowledge economy, winning customer trust would entail having a dynamic and robust data protection framework. 2020 will also see customised services that cater to and are aligned with domestic and cross border data exchange policies. Businesses will re-imagine data strategies and frameworks at the core of which will be superior healthy governance culture and a focus on revenue growth.


In the past two decades, Commvault has experienced tremendous growth, pioneered numerous industry shaping innovations, and established itself as a prominent, credible and visionary leader in data and information management. Today, Commvault is not just a global leader in delivering backup and recovery for the progressive enterprise but it is also the most innovative brand in this sector with over 800 issued patents with its customers.


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