Array Networks prides itself in being a customer centric company


Array Networks prides itself in being a customer centric company

Shibu Paul
Vice President - International Sales
Array Networks



2020 started on a high note with Array Networks being declared as the #1 ADC vendor in India. Its mantra is to work with handpicked channel partners, train them and help them create sustainable and profitable business models. The strategy is to empower partners by offering industry-relevant solutions that can be successfully leveraged in the Indian market.


To ensure business continuity in the Covid-19 era, Array provided its customers and partners with complimentary Virtual Access gateway licenses. The company is fully equipped with a plethora of networking and security products to ensure uninterrupted secure access to its employees, customers, partners and new prospects.


With remote work being the best way to keep employees safe in this pandemic era, SSL VPNs and Zero trust framework is the need of the hour for every business. The AVX Series Network Functions Platforms brings consolidation, convenience and workflow enhancement to networking and security and provides deep visibility to the application access and anomaly usage. Array’s patented HCI platform AVX is also equipped to improve the SSL performance of customers’ existing WAF, NGFW and IPS. 



Array Networks is a pioneer in networking and security products space with the best-in-class product line for its customers. Being a customer centric company, Array is focused on providing high-performance infrastructure, services and support to its customers, who are its biggest industry influencers; customer satisfaction is therefore Array’s key marketing strategy. It prides itself in being cost-effective without compromising the quality and services. By aligning its products and solutions with that of its customer’s needs, Array is able to empower its customers to influence the evolution of products through customization. 


The Array Center for Technology and Innovation (ACTI) in Bengaluru features state-of-the-art technology and has a fully equipped customer training center capable of providing enhanced support to local and global customers. 



With Covid-19 taking over the world, the biggest trend is working remotely. Definitely, WFH has added a sense of vulnerability but mostly to organizations that haven’t adapted and upgraded their legacy infrastructure to more robust and secure one that cater to their current needs. Array’s technologies, however, hold a unique position in terms of data delivery and management in customer’s infrastructures and have the ability to provide insights into application data that can be used to boost security as well as improve efficiency. Array wants to invest in technologies that allow providing additional value in terms of security and application enablement. Not to mention Array’s Hyper-converged platform which offers unique solutions like Application delivery controllers with Web vulnerability scanners and Web application firewall for mitigating a lot of application-level risks.



Web attacks and phishing are the biggest cyber threats, with many people falling prey to phishing attacks. It is said that threat actors nowadays more commonly use spear phishing, CEO fraud, and impersonation tactics instead of sending malware-laden messages. On April 16, 2020 alone Google reported to have blocked more than 18 million COVID-19 phishing emails each day. India alone saw many of its sectors being targeted by threat actors 40,300 times in just a few days. While these attacks may look regular and not so threatening, the impact is however colossal. 



Array India’s story was laid on a solid foundation to focus and help eGovernance initiatives in the country. It has dedicated and focused its resources from day one, as a result of which its strategy and confidence in India have paid off.  Array’s solutions including WAN Optimization, Application Delivery Controller (ADC) will help service providers and telecom players to expand services and help transform the way Government functions through use of effective technology. The company is actively playing a role in e-Governance projects in the country and it believes that the Digital India initiative will give more opportunities to invest in the country. 


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