Endpoint security enhancement, the major priority of IDEMIA  


Endpoint security enhancement, the major priority of IDEMIA  

Vivek Ahuja
Director-IT - MEA & India


Key Priorities of 2020
NEndpoint security enhancement is a key priority, maintaining and ensuring compliance to our standards / certifications. Some other key priorities are reducing opex on day to day IT services by bringing automation in the IT Service desk. We are testing with Service Desk BOTs to support users in frequently used common tasks where they can manage with support from bot and not ask for IT support (onsite or remote).


Combining Breakthrough & Fusion approach
It is always a mix, just like organizations grow organically and with mergers / acquisitions; similar to that IT should be using both approaches to support the organization and take the organization to the next level with technology initiatives which help the business in overall growth and being more nimble to manage changing market conditions and customer needs.


Our organization invests heavily on R&D to ensure that we are at the top of the curve and able to predict productions which are fitting for our market.


Cyber Security
For cyber security the important things to focus on in 2020 are end user awareness and ensuring our surface area which is open to threats. We should constantly ensure that we focus to keep reducing our surface area which is prone to attacks. No doubt cyber security is very important. We live in a connected world and everything which happens in the world, cyber security teams have to keep a watch on how it can be a risk and how to mitigate the risks as quickly as they can.


Achieving Digitalization  
We have started a new initiative within our various business unit verticals, we have setup an innovation center where a dedicated area is exclusively meant for cross functional teams to work on projects to develop new solutions, and most of the people working in this will be fresh college graduates who can better define product needs and be critical testers and evaluators of the products we develop.


“From our point of view, we are prepared for new market trends, new technologies and always on the lookout to see how we can make best use of technology to improve our process as well as our customer products. Since we are into providing technology solutions to our customers, we are usually part of the digital transformation of our customers and always ready to be the market leader in what we do.”

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