SAP B1 - The game changing solution for Magnamious Systems


SAP B1 - The game changing solution for Magnamious Systems

How important is Digital Transformation for your own organization?


Today every organization has to undergo digital transformation as the trend is moving towards that and if we do not adopt it today probably we will be left behind. Even it might be difficult to retain the skill and employees.


How have you geared your organization for this transformation? What are the latest technologies that you have adopted in recent times?


We have started adopting digital transformation from last many years. First we went ahead with SAP B1 in 2012 and centralized whole finances and then slowly we added the CRM for Sales and Services where we started receiving persons digitally. Then, two years back we implemented HRMS solution (SaaS) base where we stopped giving any paper related to salary and everything is available online and they can view or download at any time of their convenience. Also we have virtualized some of the branch with remote desktops so that the security of the data can be enhanced and they use the apps from anywhere and from any devices.


Mention one technology adopted by your organization that has helped you to offer better service to your customers.


SAP B1 CRM deployment for services which has helped in reviewing customer regularly and can reduce lot of repetitive problems.


Please mention the key differentiation factor of your organisation in this crowded market place.


We have adopted and practiced the latest tech with our OEM partners to always stay ahead of the others and we started focussing on customers and penetrating deep into the account with various solutions on Security/Infra or networking ahead of time and this has helped us sustain in this crowded market place.


Jiten Mehta
Director, Magnamious Systems

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