Industry analysts contend Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone to be a game changer



Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone delivers a new user experience with its big foldable screen, for which the company Samsung Electronics has been enjoying a better-than-expected worldwide response from consumers.


Ham Young-min, an IT columnist commented that Samsung is apparently succeeding in offering new experiences to users with the Galaxy Fold. “Though there are only a small number of devices available on the market, which is not enough to get precise and unbiased user reviews, the Galaxy Fold was received well as it offers a new type of multitasking experience with its big screen,” he said.


Samsung released the Galaxy Fold on September 6 in South Korea with a price tag of 2.39 million won (US$2,017). Launched with the belief that the foldable device would become a game changer in the stagnant smartphone industry, the device started off on a good note, with about 3,000 sales in less than 24 hours.


Some sellers are taking advantage of the situation by reselling the device abroad for more than US$4,000. Samsung will start the second round of preorders of the 7.3-inch foldable smartphone on September 18, and they will be delivered from September 26.


The Galaxy Fold offers an enhanced multitasking experience, recommending the device for early adaptors or entrepreneurs who need to perform many tasks at once. The foldable smartphone is expected to generate a new market segment of more than 10 million sales.


An analyst from Korea pointed out that the Galaxy Fold is in a “similar position to the iPhone when the Apple devices were available at extra cost in some regions such as China and Hong Kong in the early 2010s because of soaring demand”.

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