TCL Communication introduces Alcatel 3T 10 range of tablets



TCL Communication has launched its Alcatel 3T 10 range of tablets in the Indian market. Alcatel 3T 10 offers users captivating 10” HD screen, with a lightweight and sleek design. It is equipped with the latest operating system Android Pie edition. The latest range comes with three variants - Standalone, Audio Station, Bluetooth Keyboard. Alcatel is known for its premium design and smooth experience. The 3T 10 comes as an upgrade to the highly successful A3 10 series which took TCL Communications to a number 2 spot in India in the 10” segment in 2018.


TCL Communication has recognized the need to offer multiple use cases for an enhanced user experience. In addition to browsing the web, binging videos or connecting on social media, 3T 10 offers pre-installed Google Assistant. Make calls, ask questions, watch movies and music, create shopping and to-do lists, receive step-by-step recipe instructions, listen to the latest news and more at 3T 10. This added usability will make your life easier and simpler. Apart from the above 3T 10 also offers features like adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, that helps you to harness the power of AI for a truly intuitive experience.


The Slate or standalone tablet is sleek and convenient enough to carry anywhere with assured quality and powerful specifications.

The Audio Station variant has powerful 2*5W external dock speakers with 2000 mAh battery make it a comprehensive entertainment system.Escape into your favourite movies, music, games and more with dual front speakers and double bass enhancement units for deep distortion-free sound up to seven hours. Its full frequency response accurately produces a full range of bass, mid and treble tones for crisp, quality audio.


Effortlessly connect to any Bluetooth devices. It stays connected within bluetooth range of 10 meters and automatically reconnects to already paired devices. It has a micro SD card reader supports up to 32GB and 3.5mm AUX port to play audio from any media-playing devices.


Alcatel 3T 10 Bluetooth Keyboard Variant stay productive on the go he Bluetooth keyboard variant that can transform the tablet into an on-the-go productivity device. The tablet has a compact and lightweight design with responsive keys to optimize your travel experience.


Bhardwaj Puddipedi, Regional Director India, TCL Communications says, “Alcatel 3T 10 is a premium tablet with a sleek design and powerful features, available at an affordable price point. We are introducing 3 exciting variants. The biggest highlight of the tablet is the option for Audio Station and Bluetooth Keyboard which helps make the tablet a 'smart 2-in-1 system' to better serve our diverse consumers “


Hands–free Google Assistance


Alcatel 3T 10 is always at users call with Google Assistant to make their life easier. Multitask

Hands-free with far-field DSP voice recognition up to three meters, voice broadcasting and

Interruption capabilities. Offering hundreds of home-related actions, users can pair it with smart home devices to adjust the lights, control the temperature and more. Make calls, ask questions, play movies and music, create shopping and to-do lists, receive step-by-step recipe instructions, hear the latest news and more.


Dynamic Audio


The Alcatel 3T 10 is the perfect entertainment companion as it comes with dual inbuilt speaker which make means users can get studio like effect, wherever they are.


Android 9 Pie


Stay ahead of the curve with the latest Android 9 Pie operating system, only on the Alcatel 3T10. Specially designed for all AI-driven devices, some of the interesting features of this include Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, that help harness the power of AI for a truly intuitive experience


Long Life battery


Never run out of power with a 4080 mAH battery that keeps users going for hours without having to plug in. Powered with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM storage space, save music, movies, videos, pictures and games without running out of space.


Face Key


Opening your tablet has never been easier with Face Key. It uses a 30 degree detection radius and 106 key points to provide immediate access in a glance, so they can start enjoying what they're .


Two-in-One Smart Audio Station


Experience of a brilliance sound system


Be ready to experience sound like never before. 3T10 comes with powerful 2*5W external dock speakers with double bass enhancement. The speaker unit with 2000 mAh battery delivers powerful and booming sound without any distortion for up to seven hours. This along with the dual inbuilt speakers in the tablet gives you a studio like effect- wherever.


Inclusive connectivity


Conveniently mount your Alcatel 3T 10 with the highly versatile Audio Station. It can connect to up to Bluetooth devices at a 10-meter range and also offers a 3.5mm auxiliary port, MicroUSB and Micro SD card reader. Boasting a seven-hour station life, users can enjoy quality cordless audio for hours


Two-in-One Bluetooth Keyboard


Boost productivity


Get hands on the Alcatel 3T 10 with keyboard in the box. Now travel savvy with the compact and lightweight keyboard companion. The responsive keys make typing faster and easier so you can be productive anytime, anywhere.


Alcatel 3T 10 will be available on Flipkart on 7th September 2019 with the slate only variant retailing at INR 9999 and the Slate with Speaker variant retailing at INR 14999.

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