NetApp empowers customers to change the world with data


NetApp empowers customers to change the world with data

Parag Amalnerkar
Director Marketing
NetApp India & SAARC



NetApp’s AI Centre of Excellence in partnership with NVIDIA, at Bengaluru, will help create an environment to showcase technologies to help customers and partners navigate the world of AI thereby helping them drive businesses of today and enterprises of tomorrow. A year ago, NVIDIA and NetApp announced their collaboration to work together on an “AI-proven architecture.” Powered by NVIDIA’s DGX supercomputers and NetApp’s cloud-connected flash storage, both resolved to streamline organizational collaboration by bridging data and the cloud.

The CoE will notably involve an investment by NetApp in the NVIDIA DGX workstation to provide customers and partners a better understanding of the role of AI and to deploy it to their advantage in a competitive environment. It will also enable them to experience firsthand the solutions and work with the skilled engineers from both NetApp and NVIDIA.

NetApp will also showcase the impact AI had on global customers as a result of the collaboration and will highlight how it has enabled companies to navigate the complex AI journey by unleashing the full potential of data by simplifying and accelerating the edge to core to cloud data pipeline. The customers can thereby accelerate AI implementation and scale with pre-validated architecture.



The company has announced its boldest portfolio launch. NetApp is delivering a host of new capabilities that can help companies bring their data fabric to life. The new solutions and services allow customers to adopt and consume cloud on their terms. The company is thereby delivering a truly seamless hybrid multicloud experience that includes availability of NetApp® Cloud Data Services on NetApp HCI, the ability to expand with persistent storage across the biggest public clouds, and the ability for customers to manage, use, and pay for cloud services the way they want to.

The public cloud has created a new standard for IT that all industry leaders must match to provide the experience that users enjoy in the cloud and now demand on their premises. To be successful, organizations must fuel data-driven innovation by leveraging the cloud and modernizing their IT, bringing the power of the cloud to every part of their business through a seamless hybrid multicloud. Only NetApp, with its data fabric strategy, has what customers need to build a unique data fabric designed for their business—in any cloud, in one experience.

With NetApp, a company can now enable developers to build applications on-premises as easily as in the public cloud. They can make the apps and data portable across a hybrid multicloud regardless of location, without compromising service levels and centrally orchestrate application and data services together across a hybrid multicloud.



as a company is committed to contributing to the external ecosystem and supporting the vision to make India an innovation hub for the world. A corporate citizen of India since 2003, NetApp India announced in 2017, its Global Centre of Excellence (GCoE) which is a fully owned 15-acre multi-business unit/functional campus in Bangalore.

The key focus of NetApp India is to develop internationally competitive technological expertise by building world-class products leveraging the best of breed talent with continuous efforts of the teams here and globally. The 280 patents awarded and 500 that have been filed, are a recognition of our commitment to innovation. Today, the NetApp GCoE is at the heart of the company’s strategy to help customers succeed in their digital transformation journey with the power of data.


Name of the CEO : George Kurian
Headquarter : Sunnyvale, California, United States
Year of inception : India Operations – 2000; 19 years ago Global Operations – 1992; 27 years ago


Interesting Facts :
Data Visionary Center - NetApp unveiled a Data Visionary Center in Bengaluru in May 2018, that enables its customers and partners to collaborate, innovate, educate and drive digital transformation across Asia-Pacific region. The center also provides them an experience of NetApp’s latest products and services in a real-time problem-solving scenario, along with insights about industry trends, flash storage, hybrid cloud, and other data center IT technologies. Companies will also have access to customized sessions on topics tailored to specific concerns and needs of the business, such as the need for cloud-ready workflows or methods to modernize storage through data management.

· Partnerships with Hyperscalers - NetApp attained great momentum in the cloud space aligned to their Data Fabric strategy. In fact, NetApp is the only company to have a partnership with the three largest hyperscalers, Microsoft Azure, Google and AWS giving them a competitive edge.

· NetApp NVIDIA partnership – The company announced its NetApp® ONTAP® AI proven architecture powered by Nvidia’s DGX supercomputers and NetApp AFF A800 cloud-connected flash storage, to help streamline organizational collaboration by bridging data and the cloud. The motive was to help organizations achieve “edge to core to cloud” control over their data by delivering unprecedented access and performance to help customers achieve real business impact with AI.



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