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CIO: A dynamic leader who helps shape strategic agenda of an organization


Redefined CIO role 
CIO’s are becoming more central to the boardroom and are also seen as core business strategists; our priority is to be more strategic, creative and consultative in terms of merging business goals with technology. We today are seen as dynamic leaders who help shape the strategic agenda, who have transformed the organizations and their cultures by being an innovator, architect of the business goals by laying the foundation of digital framework and collaborator among various teams and operations/ functions to attach more meaning and skillset to the job role. As a makeover we have induced a lot of significant changes.
Lead time: The time taken to execute tasks automatically example, equal sample surveys of 1000 emails drafted manually in comparison o machine drafted emails; had a possibility of 10-12% human error; which was countered when the task was automated and lead time reduced drastically.

Disciplined Adherence to internal Service Levels just like Electronic service level agreements with well-defined timelines and dynamic dashboards depicting the status of service requests is an achievement.

Reskilling resources and technology integration by building tools in house reduced more than 70% costs and dependency. Also, with changing times we have integrated and re-designed a robust and dynamic IT infrastructure and culture of self-learning, skill upgradation and training that ups the ante in this technological revolution.


Innovations & ROI
Our ultimate objective and success mantra is to support our clients as per their needs and merging the business of law with technology and its vast potential to harness big results. At our firm, technology is just not a ten letter word; it reciprocates change that has been accorded, appreciated and acknowledged by the stakeholders. We are pioneers and our mantra is to continually innovate and be unique in our endeavours to support or existing and future client base and make our vision enthral over the entire functioning of the organization, acting as a strong pillar of support and endurance.


Key Priorities
We vouch for experiential learning that drives us to explore and grow ahead of the stereotypical roles attached to the title of a CIO- a game changer role that possess no limitations in terms of experimenting, implementing and designing unique approach to address even a common problem and that’s what make it “innovative”, a significant leap towards transformation across diverse functional units. We believe in creating integrated solutions that are objective driven and advantage the stakeholders in a big way; the firm, functionaries and clients; who today will pay or invest only if a product will deliver insights apart from the service.


“There is a paradigm shift as instead of following technological trends and outsourcing, we are analyzing requirements very strategically and are also addressing complex problems with simple solutions by developing tools in house, training and upskilling our existing resource’s and integrating the available tools, utilizing its potential to the fullest.”

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