Mahesh Patil GM & Head – IT Skoda Auto India


Mahesh Patil GM  & Head – IT Skoda Auto India

Implementation of digital solutions in every domain of business to help increase ROI


Redefined CIO role  

Role of CIO is changing because the role is not limited to IT only now a days, he/she has to step into Business Model and bring value addition to the business in many ways. With available technologies and trends in the market a CIO can transform business processes which will help in decision making and future planning. 



Innovations & ROI

    The implementation of digital solutions in every domain of business with the help of technology, we believe this will result in better ROI in next three to five years.

 Implementing the solutions will bring more efficiency which results to cost benefits.



Key Priorities

We always keep on trying to do new things in the organization. We keep on discussing with business, understand their priorities and  plan for future. This gives us the understanding to prepare the  roadmap and also possible opportunities to start evaluating the  effective solutions.  For 2019 our objectives are to implement RPAs, Chat BOTs, IOT , Analytical tools in the organization.  


“We are open and we are adapting to new technologies as and when it is required.” 

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