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Forcepoint positions itself as a trusted protector of sensitive information


Forcepoint positions itself as a trusted protector of sensitive information

 Aman Thareja  
M.D., Forcepoint India & SAARC



Forcepoint as a leader in the Cyber Security Transformation, is focused on positioning its brand and drive preference in the industry in the rapidly evolving Indian Enterprise, commercial, government and SME sectors. It has underlined the following key priorities –  

Understand the unique cybersecurity challenges faced due to modern hybrid user access and applications requirement across different organizations, developing solutions and services tailored to address those challenges effectively.  
Focus on addressing industry-specific challenges, demonstrating thought leadership, leveraging emerging technologies such as Secure Access Service Edge, Content Disarm and Reconstruction, and providing user-friendly, customized solutions to drive preference and build long-term relationships with clients. 

Leverage Emerging Technologies to stay ahead of the curve by positioning Forcepoint as an innovative and future-ready cybersecurity provider. Focus on the transformation of moving to Zero Trust Adoption.  
Position Forcepoint as a trusted protector of sensitive information and secure access that can help organization with


Data Privacy and regulatory compliance.  
Foster Partnerships and Collaborations, Provide Continuous Education and Training while promoting the importance of cybersecurity awareness and education.   
Focus on Customer Success and better technology adoption: Prioritize customer success and satisfaction in all interactions with enhance better business productivity.  


Forcepoint believes in consistent delivery of quality, ensuring that its technology and service offerings meet or exceed customer expectations, provide value, and solve their problems effectively. By prioritizing customer needs, being transparent, and consistently delivering value, Forcepoint works hard to establish a strong foundation of trust with its customers, leading to long-term success. 
Advanced Forcepoint Security and Data Platform such as Forcepoint ONE which is simplified with ease in administration and management, with defence grade technology and policies that don’t hinder productivity will further help us win the customer trust. 


Forcepoint is heavily focused on R&D and product engineering development with thought of make in India development to effectively address the evolving threat landscape, leverage advanced technologies, develop adaptive defense strategies, drive innovation and comply with regulations. Acquisition of Bitglass, Deep Secure, and Cyberinc is a reflection of Forcepoint’s focus on bringing best-of-the-breed technologies to its customers.   
Forcepoint is focused on:  

  • Emerging Zero Day Threats and Steganography Attacks. 
  • Introducing Advanced Technologies: R&D and product engineering enable the exploration and development of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, behavioural analytics, content disarm and reconstruct, and secure hardware.   
  • Adaptive Defense Strategies: By staying abreast of the latest attack vectors, vulnerabilities, and exploitation techniques, Forcepoint develops more robust and resilient security solutions.  
  • Industry Standards and Regulations: R&D and Compliance Legal Team helps in understanding and implementing new regulatory requirements, staying ahead of compliance challenges, and developing innovative approaches to address emerging security needs.  
  • Product Innovation: R&D and product engineering are essential for driving innovation in the cybersecurity industry. By investing in R&D, companies can develop new products, features, and services that address emerging security concerns.   
  • Customer Trust and Reputation: By investing in R&D, companies can develop robust and reliable security products that inspire customer trust.   
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: By actively participating in research initiatives, industry collaborations, and knowledge sharing platforms, cybersecurity companies can contribute to collective efforts in advancing security technologies, best practices, and threat intelligence.   



Making a brand distinctive and central in its respective categories requires a strategic approach that focuses on differentiation, relevance, and consistent delivery and supporting the business objectives. Some of the key strategies that Forcepoint engages in include Industry first in Innovation for Secure Access, Data Security etc., continuous Innovation and Adaptation, engage and Listen to its audience, exceptional customer experience and thought leadership. 


Enabling Channels through MSSP offerings 
Forcepoint through its channel partners is encouraging and empowering customers to embrace the journey of digital transformation to make their business successful without getting worried on the nuances of adopting cloud & internet, by providing the robust cybersecurity platform with the central focus on the most important component – “DATA” and following the new industry standards like SASE/SSE as suggested by many third-party industry experts including Gartner. 
To help SMEs and SMBs use the SASE/SSE framework and scale both in terms of buying multiple point solutions and deploying skills to manage and maintain the same, Forcepoint has launched MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) platform which will help customers to embark on their digital journey without any fear. 

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