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WhatsApp boosts up Channels with voice updates, polls


WhatsApp boosts up Channels with voice updates, polls

WhatsApp’s app Channels feature is getting some useful upgrades. Announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post on his own WhatsApp channel, the new features are aimed at enhancing user engagement with the relatively newer product.  


One of the most popular additions is the ability to send voice updates on channels, mirroring the voice messages feature. While voice is becoming a convenient and personal way to communicate for many, bringing voice updates to channels allows channel creators to connect with their audience in a more intimate manner. 


As polls are just another way to interact with their followers, Channels can also create polls that users can vote in, helping channels gather feedback and gauge interest.  


To help Channels expand their reach, users can now share Channel updates to their personal WhatsApp status. This organic sharing can help Channel creators grow their followers. 


Operating a Channel is also getting easier with the ability to have up to 16 admins. This will allow larger Channels to efficiently manage their community and content. 


WhatsApp Channels has already hit 500 million monthly active users, and is helped by Channels from celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Vijay Deverakonda as well as brands like Mumbai Indians, Mercedes F1, and Netflix. 

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