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Symmetrix Empowering Collaboration between OEMs, Customers, and SMEs for Seamless Project Execution and Growth


Symmetrix Empowering Collaboration between OEMs, Customers, and SMEs for Seamless Project Execution and Growth

V. Vijayakumar
COO - Symmetrix Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Forecasting Technology Growth
India has been bestowed with numerous advantages, setting the stage for prospective growth across various sectors in the days to come. The strategic reformation implemented by the Government has provided a sturdy foundation, enabling every industry vertical to seize opportunities for growth and long-term sustenance. Prominently, several developed nations regard India as a cost-effective and dependable source, leading to a surge in investments from multinational corporations. Given that information technology serves as the backbone for all industry verticals, its growth in the forthcoming years is expected to be significant.  


Initiatives towards Brand Positioning  
Being in the industry for 35 years, Symmetrix’s consistent quality in service delivery has helped it to build and strengthen relationship with its Customers. This has helped in bringing in more revenue, year-over-year. Symmetrix’s primary objective for FY 2023-24 revolves around establishing a strong brand presence in the market. 
The process of building and positioning the brand within the industry segment has already commenced. In order to enhance the visibility of Symmetrix as a brand, active participation in various forums has been initiated. To further promote the brand, comprehensive details of the diverse range of products and solutions have been shared electronically with business groups and customers, emphasizing the prominent display of the company. A recent noteworthy occasion was the commemoration of the company’s 35th year Anniversary, which witnessed the invitation of valued customers, partner organizations, and former employees. As part of this event, all attendees were presented with mementos featuring the company, while special mementos were awarded to customers as a token of appreciation and recognition. 
During 2023-24 the company planned to promote its brand in leading social media while sending updates periodically. It has also identified few major events and forums with specific budget allocated to make the brand more visible. 


Building Customer Centric Roadmap   
Most large corporates are well into Digital Transformation already, many having started with the Pandemic. The challenge is in the SME segment. Though they accept that digital transformation is essential in this digital era, the investment is one of the major hurdles for them to cross. Most of these transformations require recurring investment. SMEs need to be educated about what they lose and how it will impact their business if they don’t adopt digital transformation. It is proven that almost all SMEs depend on indigenous software like Tally for the automation of their basic needs. But when it comes to sales or service automation, most of them maintain / monitor it manually. It is essential to invest to automate such processes, so that they can be more effective and organized to compete in the industry. 


Strategic planning with a vision 
The newer challenges will be availability of Skilled Manpower for the SME segment to meet demand. Large enterprises need support from SMEs, where they outsource the routine work to manage the volume and to be cost effective.  This is going to create a huge demand for Skilled Manpower, more specifically in Service Delivery segment. Symmetrix has plans to approach educational institutions to offer addon training sessions to select / interested candidates to train / develop manpower sources and resources. 


Optimising challenges as opportunities   
Symmetrix, functioning as Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators, holds a significant advantage in bridging the gap between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customers. The company actively collaborates with various Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as partners to successfully execute projects. 

A robust support system exists that fosters seamless communication and collaboration between OEMs, customers, and these partnering organizations, which specialize in Networking, Security & Surveillance, and other domains. When one of its partners secures a project, Symmetrix actively engages with them, working together to capture a share of the business. In order to tackle new challenges, the company follows a practice of sharing technical details, insights into encountered obstacles, and relevant solutions with its partner group. This collaborative approach assists organizations in overcoming various challenges they may encounter in their operations, fostering growth and success.

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