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Sources say UK Media reports on India's efforts to bring back Kohinoor incorrect


Sources say UK Media reports on India's efforts to bring back Kohinoor incorrect

Reports that have surfaced in the British media that India has mobilised diplomatic resources to bring back the Kohinoor diamond and other artefacts including idols and sculptures from museums in Britain has been denied.  


Sources said that it is not true that ministerial and diplomatic resources are being mobilised toward securing the return of thousands of artefacts from the UK. It said that Kohinoor was never mentioned by the official quoted in the reports. 


The focus is on the process of retrieval of antiquities through bilateral cooperation and partnership, in a manner consistent with existing international arrangements, sources said. This process has been happening in the past as well and with many countries that have Indian artefacts. 


The Kohinoor was in the spotlight at last week's Coronation. However, Queen Camilla chose alternative diamonds for her consort's crown. 


The 105-carat diamond was held by rulers in India before landing in the hands of the East India Company from Maharaja Ranjit Singh's treasury. It was then being presented to Queen Victoria following the annexation of Punjab. 


There have been other cultural trends in recent years toward repatriation, with Greece seeking the Elgin Marbles and Nigeria the Benin Bronzes. 


Last year, Glasgow Life - a charitable organisation which runs the Scottish city's museums - signed an agreement with the Indian government to repatriate seven stolen artefacts to India.

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