Ensuring data security & privacy will always be the top priority of a CIO


Ensuring data security & privacy will always be the top priority of a CIO

Meetali Sharma
Corporate Head - Risk
Compliance & Information Security, SDG Software India


CIO priorities for 2022
As a team leader, it is very important to focus on team building of the team. I try my best to keep my team focused through constant communication, collaboration, skills enhancement through training & workshops, continuous feedback, open communication, measuring performance against KRAs and through empathy towards each member in the team. In order to retain employees, it is critical to ensure that employees love the work they are doing and are assigned appropriate roles. In addition, it is important that there is knowledge sharing amongst the team members to enhance their skills.

Digitization - opportunities galore
When the pandemic COVID-19 struck, we enabled remote working for all employees with adequate security measures and additional tools over and above the existing tools. Since a major part of our operations were digitized, it resulted in a smooth and quick transition to remote working. We have seen this as an opportunity and started giving advisory services in the form of Compliance as a Service (CaaS) to customers around areas related to cybersecurity, compliance & BCP.


Bridging the Tech-gap
With remote working taking the front seat, ensuring data security & data privacy will be the top priority of a CIO. Keeping that in mind, SDG has its own GRC Platform TruOps which is designed in a manner to ensure privacy of data while monitoring compliance posture for the organization.

IT: The Future of India
Even though the pandemic has rippled the economy, the Indian IT industry is still showing positive signs of overcoming this catastrophe. With the increase in cloud adoption and digitization in the coming years, it will be a priority for CIOs/compliance leaders to secure application data and infrastructure within the cloud environment.

Since the integration of AI, ML, automation, data analytics and RPA can analyze a huge volume of information and has the ability to automate entire processes or workflows, it will be the next trend to watch for in 2022-23. Blockchain and bitcoins will also continue to dominate the IT economy in the coming years. In addition to this, organizations would look at partners, tools and platforms who can help automate the compliance activities for the organization and enable a mechanism for continuous monitoring of the environment.


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