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“An exceptional customer experience can encourage loyalty and turn customers into brand advocates”


“An exceptional customer experience can encourage loyalty and turn customers into brand advocates”

Ramesh Natarajan 
Chief Executive Officer, Redington India


Technology is evolving with each passing year, and innovation has become the foundation across different sectors and industries. Today, the success of a corporate enterprise is contingent on its capacity to adopt new technologies, thereby shaping and influencing their existing and future plans. Technology is developing at a rate never seen before, driven by digital transformation, cloud adoption, software breakthroughs, chatbots, Internet of Things (IOT), AI & ML and a lot more. Redington strives to be a cutting-edge technology leader as well as being an aspirational place to work.

Towards these objectives, our priorities for 2022 are to:
Strengthen the offerings to span the entire spectrum of technologies addressing a wide set of use-cases across industries, both Consumer and Enterprise.
Accelerate the drive to be a learning organization, building cutting-edge skills and competencies
Deepen engagement with the partner community, to ensure that the company stays relevant and makes a meaningful difference in their business.

The world has moved towards digitalization as a business imperative, and customers’ purchase patterns have evolved drastically. Today’s customer demographic encompasses customers at various stages of digital maturity. Consequently, maintaining a high level of customer experience poses newer challenges, as varied offerings are needed to deliver this. An exceptional customer experience can encourage loyalty and turn customers into brand advocates.
Redington builds its initiatives on:
Engaging with partners and brands to better “listen” and anticipate trends
Ability to offer the latest technologies, products and services to strengthen the partners’ value proposition to their customers

Today, when the world has shifted its operation online, and many companies continue to work from home due to the pandemic, the need to protect data has never been bigger. At Redington, for more than a decade, it has prevented the organization from Cyber Attacks, by implementing a Multi-layered (Defence in Depth) Strong Security Controls. In the last 10 years of this period, it has never experienced, even a single instance of Security breach in our IT infrastructure.
Some of the security controls/Solutions implemented at Redington are:


  • We have a round the clock, attack surface management with the deep and dark web monitoring for our internet domains.
  • Our Public Power DNS is equipped with DDOS & Web Proxy Controls for our Domains.
  • Our Gateway Firewall is powered with IDS, IPS and ATP Controls. On top of this, we have enabled Geo Location Filters for our Production Services/Applications. With these GeoFilters, we have narrowed down the Internet Threat Vector and risks have been reduced to less than 5%.
  • Our End Point Protection Suite consists of Strong Threat Prevention, Firewall, Web Control, DLP and Adaptive Threat Protection solutions. All these solutions are customized in order to prevent known or unknown attacks.
  • Our LAN & WAN Users Internet is routed through a Secured Internet Proxy Service for safe and secure browsing.
  • For the Mailing Services, we have enabled two Layer malware protection filters (SaaS) equipped with SPF, DKIM and DMARC security.
  • We do a Security Audit (IS and VAPT) every quarter for the timely risk fix or mitigation.
  • On top of all the controls, we have enabled SIEM  which is monitored and managed by a dedicated SOCS team round the clock

Brand Loyalty
Customers look to brands essentially to solve their problems or fulfil their needs holistically. ThereforeCustomer experience is the yardstick that Brands will be evaluated on, rather than standalone metrics such as product / service features.
With significantly increasing stakes for success, it is imperative for Brands to retain customers already in the fold, as new customer acquisition becomes cost and time-intensive.
Today, customer experience comprises all aspects of a company’s offering, including the quality of customer service, advertising, packaging, product and service features, usability, and dependability. Customer experience has a significant influence on customer loyalty and advocacy, which in turn impacts customer acquisition.

The IT industry has for long been one of the largest employers and exporters. In recent times, the company has seen a significant shift towards digital technologies and digital skilling in the IT industry. In this phase of technology, India has pioneered several innovations improving people’s lives immensely.
The “India Stack” comprising the building blocks of identity (Aadhaar, eKYC etc.), data (DigiLocker, eSign, Account Aggregator framework etc.) and payments (UPI) is a prime example of Indian IT industry shaping the future of India, as well as the world.Passport, Smart Cities, Safe Cities, eGovernance, Digital India (StartUpIndia..biggest set of Unicorns).
At Redington, we are proud to have worked closely with our partners and brands to make a meaningful contribution to these initiatives.

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