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A technologically and digitally focused work culture is the future


A technologically and digitally focused work culture is the future

Punit Thakkar 
CEO & MD, Shivaami Cloud Services 


Paving ways digitally
Digital transformation is of utmost importance to companies that want to be future ready today. In the last couple of years, businesses have adopted the hybrid work arrangement and it is being preferred over the conventional model both by employees and employers. Due to enhanced productivity and flexibility that this model of work offers, companies are going through incessant changes in the way they do business.

However, improving business procedures and corporate culture are just as important to the success of these programmes as technology. The company’s primary focus is to make small and medium enterprises understand the importance of migrating to Google Workspace. It also offers them simpler ways to collaborate, a secure cloud to store files, and recovery of their critical documents in case a mishap occurs. Google Cloud Solutions provides all and beyond this.

Looking at the way things are, there is a need for more and more companies to adopt digital transformation. Shivaami being an authorized partner of Google Cloud understands the need of the hour and has been helping companies migrate for close to two decades.

Bolstering Digital Avenue
Internal and external customers today expect the same level of service in the workplace as they do in their personal life when it comes to technology. However, for a firm, this can be difficult to do. There have never been more options in terms of how and where applications are delivered, as well as who to partner with to supply services.

In the near future, companies would not have the option of being more technologically and digitally focused. Instead, they would be compelled to do so if they do not want to be left behind in the digitization race.

More technologically and digitally sound companies will ensure better integration to business and give a competitive edge to companies. On top of this, they will also reap benefits including but not limited to enhanced data collection, stronger resource management, data-driven customer insights, improved customer experience along with increased revenue and agility. 

Adoption of Digital Best Practices
We are living in an era where everything from smart vehicles to smartphones, is available at the tip of our fingers. Digital transformation has assisted businesses in achieving their goals and directing their growth exponentially. As a cloud-based organization, Shivaami understands the significance of this change and adopts the following strategies for digital transformation.


  •        Shivaami defines the problems in the business. The company develops a strategy by defining a clear objective and KPIs it intends to achieve through    digitalization by understanding the business challenge.
  •        Shivaami also encourages prioritizing collaboration between teams. A business is essentially a collaborative effort, where people with a variety of skills and specialties work together in harmony and synergy to achieve a common goal.
  •        Shivaami even makes sure that it is abiding by a culture that is flexible to any changes. A successful digital transition can only be aided by a positive business culture.
  •       The company tries looking through the perspective of customers. For doing this, the company has established an effortless and computerized interface to interact with external customers as an essential tool to support them during or after the buying process.
  •       The state of technology is rapidly progressing. As a result, within a decade, some of its applications will be obsolete, resulting in sunken expenses. Shivaami comprehends current trends and their possible impact on market dynamics in order to reduce the expense of technological legacy.
  •        Shivaami has trained experts in Google Cloud and Google Workspace to guide customers.

Shivaami is a Google Cloud Partner that will help customers in their digital transformation journey by deploying cloud solutions to enhance their growth. 

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