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Red Hat is moving from mass marketing to more precision marketing


Red Hat is moving from mass marketing to  more precision marketing

Arpita Sengupta
Director and Head of Marketing, Red Hat, India


The evolving role of CMOs 
The role of marketing & the CMO in a business are very important. Moreover, it is not just an important part of a business, but it is the business. With a proper marketing strategy, the business has the potential to grow and increase the company’s reputation in a positive way. The role of marketing in any business, be it a large enterprise, medium enterprise, and start-ups, is very important. It is the major channel which takes the brand to the potential customers, communities, etc. and will help in achieving the business goals.


Contribution towards strategic business discussions
In July, a CMO Spend Survey put out by research firm Gartner found the majority of CMOs believe in a quick and sharp (V-shaped) recovery, but not all their peers in the C-suite share this optimism & this clash in viewpoints should alarm marketing leaders and reinforce the need for a collaborative and agile approach to budgeting and planning. Ignoring business realities can threaten even the most critical spending priorities. This clearly outlines how closely CMOs need to align and partner closely within the C-suite being well networked and connected to business stakeholders. On this accelerated path of growth it is fundamental for the CMO to strategize, prioritize and maximize budgets available to cater to the demand & scale at hand with high performance marketing teams.


Real-Time Marketing to Drive Sustainable Growth
As part of Red Hat’s marketing strategy for 2022 the emphasis will be precision marketing. Red Hat will make moves to get more sophisticated in our marketing and we’re going to put digital first and customer experience first. That means, for Red Hat, moving from mass marketing to more precision marketing. An example shared by Leigh Day, Red Hat CMO, is ‘you would come to our website and we would know who you were, so we would give you high-value experiences and information that are relevant to you personally’. This clearly articulates real-time marketing in order to enable sustainable growth.

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