Tata Play partners with Google to launch the Google Nest security in India


Tata Play partners with Google to launch the Google Nest security in India

Tata Play is offering a bundled service that includes providing the battery-powered Google Nest Cam and a Google Nest Mini. The packages are Tata Play Secure and Tata Play Secure, including an annual Nest Aware subscription service.


Google Nest Cam was launched last year and it provides intelligent alerts that can be customized to meet security needs. It also offers advanced familiar face recognition alerts using the Nest Aware subscription.


The Google Nest Cam (Battery) is weather-resistant and does not need any wires for connection and can also see clearly in any light with HDR and night vision capability. It offers two-way communication due to its built-in microphone and high-quality speaker. It offers Full duplex 2-way audio and noise cancellation.


The Google Nest Cam (Battery) also has an Event Video history using the Google Home app. Users can get up to 60 days of Event Video History and 10 days of continuous video history. The in-built memory of the Google Nest Cam can store up to one hour of recorded events.


The Tata Play Secure and Google Nest Cam will be available in at least 10 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Interested subscribers can get the package from the Tata Play website. The support also includes a 1-year warranty for the Google Nest Cam.


Subscribers to the Nest Aware service will pay the sum of Rs. 11,999 inclusive of installation of the Nest Cam. The yearly subscription for the basic plan is Rs. 3,000 for up to 4 devices, while the Tata Play Secure+ plan starts at Rs. 5,000 annually.


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