Meta joins hand with AMD for mobile internet infrastructure program


Meta joins hand with AMD for mobile internet infrastructure program

The parent company of Facebook - Meta Platforms Inc and AMD has announced that both the companies are joining hands for a mobile internet infrastructure program that would bring base station costs down to make broadband more accessible around the world.


Early in 2020, the program named Evenstar was rolled out by Meta and promotes a platform called OpenRan. The platform makes it possible for cellular network operators to mix and match hardware and software for building base stations instead of buying all of it from one equipment maker.


According to Gilles Garcia, an executive with AMD's data center and communications group, the platform provides operators more flexibility and makes equipment pricing more competitive


"They have a very aggressive target for the cost, because Meta is also trying to cover the uncovered regions and the underdeveloped countries. So they want to make sure there are more and more people connected," said Garcia.


AMD said its radio chip, Xilinx Zynq UltraScale RFSoC, will be used in the Evenstar radio units.


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