Mahima Chaudhry reveals about her troubled marriage


Mahima Chaudhry reveals about her troubled marriage

Mahima Chaudhry has spoken about her car accident, rumours that she was in a relationship with Ajay Devgn and the movies she lost out on in a recent interview.


Mahima also opened up about her rocky marriage and revealed that she experienced two miscarriages when she was married to Bobby Mukherji. The two got married in 2006 and divorced in 2013. She has a daughter named Ariana from the marriage. She hinted that she was unhappy during their marriage. Mahima has been a single mother since her divorce


Mahima said that she refrained from sharing details of her marital troubles with her family and friends. "You obviously don't tell your parents, you don't tell your people because you feel 'oh, this was one issue' and then you stay back and then one more issue and then you stay back and then I also had a - I was also expecting another child and I had a miscarriage. And then I had another miscarriage, it was all because of you not being happy in that space. Every time I wanted to go out and do an event, go out and do a show, I used to drop my child at my mother's home and then I stayed back two days and I used to feel I'm so much more comfortable here," she explained. She also said that her husband was not by her side during the difficult time.

Mahima revealed that when she finally came clean to her mother about her marital problems, her mother was supportive. "She said, 'I saw you struggling, I saw you up and down, and why are you beating yourself up? If it's not, stay here for a while and see does it make you feel better,'" the actor said, adding that her sister was supportive as well.


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