Anuj Vaid appointed as theExecutive Director in CMS IT


Anuj Vaid appointed as theExecutive Director in CMS IT

Anuj Vaid has been named CMS IT Services’ new Executive Director. In his new role as ED of one of India’s leading IT firms, Anuj will be prioritizing bringing into fruition the CMS IT 4.0 Strategy that he has championed and formulated with his expert understanding of the organisation’s capabilities and customer profile. His other major focus will be on synergizing the entire business- sales and delivery operations, to ensure the enterprise in future-ready and continues to stay relevant in the new business paradigm.


Prior to this, Anuj was the company’s Executive Vice President and CSMO. Since joining CMS IT Services in 2015, he has been responsible for executing the company’s strategic agenda. Anuj has been at the helm of prominent achievements like the Defensible Cybersecurity Framework designed specifically for tackling cyberthreats in the COVID-19 scenario, as well as India’s First AI-Driven Automation Shared Delivery Model – the ‘Remote Automation Centre for Enterprises’ (R.A.C.E) with Automation Anywhere.


Anuj is known for his keenness leveraging the latest technologies such as Cloud, BOTs, AI/ML and IoT to deliver stellar results and is a major contributor to the entire revenue generation chain. His 25-year career as a transformative growth leader heading multi-national markets, has advanced his record of turning company portfolios into high-value outcomes, offering exceptional customer experiences, and partnering with industry front-runners like Microsoft, Trend Micro, Ramco, Vmware, CISO, Acer and IBM, to name a few.

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