Why Only Indian's have to share data with Facebook?


Why Only Indian's have to share data with Facebook?

The Facebook controlled WhatsApp has about two billion users globally, has updated strengthen policies , is not applicable for Europeon nations, where as it is applicable for Indians. With this strengthen policies, WhatsApp is going to loose about 100 million customers ,where as it has 400 million users at present.


WhatsApp says European users will not be forced to agree to share personal information with Facebook. The information is very much shocking. WhatsApp users were effectively being given an ultimatum: the user must agree to share personal data such as contacts, phone numbers and photos with Facebook by February 8th or stop using the messaging service.


Initially, in 2014 WhatsApp’s rise in popularity because they used the GTM ( Go-to-market strategy) was its promise not to share users’ personal information. Under a revised user agreement issued two years after the purchase, it sought to get users to agree to the sharing of information with the social network, although with an option to opt out of the move.


An expert says, European people are governed by GDPR hence the statement from Whatsapp. They won't comply with GDPR if they share. Because it becomes a case of forced Consent. In case of Indian’s India's PDP( Personal Data Protection) is still not in force hence they could manipulate the data here. Even if PDP comes into force they can still manipulate it based on previous consent taken as the use of data is not changing hence requirement of a fresh consent will not be required. A bill for a data law is in the Parliament, but a law may take some more time.

Now it become the moral responsibility of the Government of India to step into the strengthen policy adopted by the messaging app. No company can do monopoly practices in the democratic country like India. As Government of India also uses many services with WhatsApp. Finally, the government has stepped into the raging privacy controversy. Sources said, We are collecting details,”

Sources said, the government is keeping a watch over the concerns around potential privacy violations in WhatsApp’s new updates that involves sharing certain business/transactional data with Facebook, the parent of the world’s biggest messenger. The government may also seek certain explanations from WhatsApps regarding the proposed changes

Another expert says, nothing is truly free, and, unfortunately, the current business model for free services means that, essentially, we pay with our data. Social networks, some messengers and search engines make money off of advertising, and the more personalized it is the better. In fact, Facebook and other companies have been doing this through its services for the past few years. The good news is that 1) Most of the companies, including Facebook, are being transparent about its policies and 2) WhatsApp doesn’t read your conversations because it includes end-to-end encryption. All they’re tracing is technical and account information.

Moving forward, the integration between Facebook and WhatsApp will only continue to increase, and users will need to decide what level of information sharing they’re comfortable with and which messaging applications they prefer. Luckily there is a variety of alternative messaging platforms and currently users can decide for themselves what works best for them.

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