WhatsApp's Updated Privacy Policy Raises Many Concerns: A long expected move


WhatsApp's Updated Privacy Policy Raises Many Concerns: A long expected move

When you try use WhatsApp for sending any message to anyone, it will ask you to agree to the app’s renewed terms of service and privacy policy. And like the majority of us, you simply opted for ‘Agree’ without reading those fine-lettered words.


WhatsApp wants you to agree to share your user-data with Facebook as part of its updated terms of service and privacy policy, which if you don’t, you cannot continue using the Facebook-owned messaging platform post 8th February 2021. An expert asks, if whatsapp really cares must have offerred a private paid service. Intentions were dubious to say the least.


The only personal data Signal stores is your phone number Device ID Contact Info Purchase History
  User ID Contacts Other Financial Info
  Advertising Data User ID Precise Location
  Purchase History   Coarse Location
  Coarse Location   Physical Address
  Phone Number   Email Address
  Email Address   Name
  Contacts   Phone Number
  Product Interaction   Other User Contact Info
  Crash Data   Contacts
  Performance Data   Photos or Videos
  Other Diagnostic Data   Gameplay Content
  Payment Info   Other User Content
  Customer Support   Search History
  Product Interaction   Browsing History
  Other User Content   User ID
      Device ID
      Product Interaction
      Advertising Data
      Other Usage Data
      Crash Data
      Performance Data
      Other Diagnostic Data
      Other Data Types
      Browsing History
      Payment Info
      Photos or Videos
      Audio Data
      Gameplay Content
      Customer Support
      Other User Content
      Search History
      Sensitive Info
      Email address
      Phone number Search history
      Device ID

It first informed its Android and iPhone users about this upcoming change on Tuesday via an in-app pop-up wherein they were given an option to agree to the update directly. Now a hot discussion comes in the tech circle, on how WhatsApp collects and handles users’ data, the updated terms of service and privacy policy also included new sections such as Transactions, Payment Data and Location Information. The messaging giant included specific information about how business interactions are taking place via its platform.


Another expert says, in India, we don’t value our privacy. What matters to us is the free product. And we all know when we get a product for free, we are the product ourselves. But we are least bothered. We will better trade our data to save our money. Whatsapp should have been politically correct by saying we steal your data as everyone else is doing. Now that is not going down good with Indians. We love our ego, if not our privacy.


WhatsApp said to continue an end-to-end encrypted chat app which means one cannot access a user’s messages or share it with someone else. But, with the new policy update coming into effect, there is a chance that the app increasingly relies on its parent company’s products to handle user data.


The facebook’s messaging app’s new terms of service and privacy policy note that the information they will share with other Facebook Companies will include users’ account registration information, i.e phone number, transaction data, service-related information, device information, IP address and in addition to these, may also include other information identified in the Privacy Policy section in the section titled: Information we collect or obtained upon notice to you or based on your consent.

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