Vasai Vikas Bank encouraging customers to use digital channel


Vasai Vikas Bank encouraging customers to use digital channel

Bhaskar Rao, Asst. GM–IT - Vasai Vikas Bank


Key Priorities of 2020
This is being a difficult year and we planned to start many things for this year, but due to COVID-19 all are kept under-hold for some time.


Combining Breakthrough & Fusion approach
There must be an approach to include breakthrough as well as fusion in the technological strategies.


Cyber Security
We think this is the most important area, at present the threat of cyber-attacks are looming large and this is the time the institution must look into the cyber threat seriously and do everything to protect the infrastructure particularly the financial sector. According to us, we must focus more on cyber security than ever before, this is definitely very important.


Achieving Digitalization  
The success and failures of the company depends on many aspect, but the best use of technological infrastructure, digitization of resource, digital marketing, ML/AI etc. will definitely add to the business growth of the company.


“We are concentrating more on digital platform, due to COVID-19 customers are moving towards the digital payments like eComm, Mobile, UPI etc. we are also encouraging our customers to use more digital channels.”


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