Clover Infotech focused on solutions that enables clients to stay ahead of the technology curve


Clover Infotech focused on solutions that enables clients to stay ahead of the technology curve

Kunal Nagarkatti
Clover Infotech


Key Priorities of 2020
Post the COVID-19, a new normal will emerge with respect to technology. Customers would lay more importance on Technology (both application and infrastructure) modernization, and factor in risk parameters such as global lockdown scenarios, macro-economic risks etc. This will reinstate the need for robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans, cyber security, and digital adeptness. The areas we plan to address is as below:

1.  Application Modernization: Through our managed services model, we are enabling organizations to stabilize their application landscape, enhance performance with automation and analytics driven AI as well as cloud enablement.

2.  Technology footprint optimization: We are also enabling them to optimize their technology footprint by leveraging Cloud environments and using “pay-as-you-go” OPEX models

3.  Digital customer engagement will be vital now and we are enabling enterprises with seamless customer outreach and digital engagement solutions such as Oracle Content Experience (OCE) Cloud. We will also enable organizations to seamlessly integrate these new technologies with their existing landscape with our middleware and integration capabilities.

4.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA): We are also enabling our clients to automate efficiently and channelize resources, time and efforts towards core-businesses through our RPA initiatives.

5.  Cyber security: The new normal will also lay strong emphasis on enterprise security. We are engaged as Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and are offering Cyber security services to our critical customers including those in Banking.


Cyber Security
Security should not be an afterthought. We live in a digital society; security of data and personal information is extremely critical. Every day, we wake up to the news of data breaches happening across the globe.


The immediate need is a shift in mindset and approach when it comes to data privacy and security. Products and services need to be designed with security as an added feature. It should not be incorporated post the design. Our approach needs to be more proactive than reactive to safeguard the privacy and security of both enterprise and personal data in the digital era.


Achieving Digitalization  
We have been constantly transforming Indian enterprises since 1994. In the last twenty-five years, we have been predominantly India focused. All through, we have had our best consultants and engineers work in our internal Centre of Excellence (CoE).


Despite the cost and margin pressures of serving Indian enterprises, we have ensured that our best talent focuses on our CoE initiatives and comes up with solutions that enable our clients to stay ahead of the technology curve.



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