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Aligning emerging technologies for a better tomorrow


Aligning emerging technologies for a better tomorrow

Sibasis Pradhan, CTO, Sahaj Infotech


Technology blueprint for year ahead
As a technology leader our main motto is to effectively manage technical projects, deploy solutions, and use technology to increase efficiency and productivity while cutting costs. Below given pinpoints are the agenda for 2023-24:

  • Choosing the Right Technology        
  • Incorporate Automation Tools (CI/CD)
  • Manage Passwords Effectively            
  • Use Technology More Efficiently
  • Keep in Touch with the Team            
  • Use agile methodologies
  • Use project management tools        
  • Leverage automation and AI
  • Foster a culture of innovation            
  • Conduct regular technology assessments
  • Set Clear Goals and Keep It Simple


Fortifying organization from cyber threats
The increasing use of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things has significantly increased the attack surface for businesses, making them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These technologies have enabled businesses to increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage, but they also introduce new security risks that must be addressed.

For example, cloud computing provides businesses with the ability to store and access data from anywhere, but it also creates new opportunities for hackers to steal sensitive information. Similarly, the Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled businesses to collect and analyze vast amounts of data, but it also increases the number of connected devices that can be targeted by cybercriminals.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have also introduced new security risks. These technologies are being used by businesses to automate processes and identify patterns in data, but they can also be used by cybercriminals to launch more sophisticated attacks.

To mitigate these risks, businesses should implement robust cybersecurity measures that are designed to protect against emerging threats.This includes

  • Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) & strong access controls        
  • Regularly update and patch software
  • Conduct regular security assessments                      
  • Monitor system activity
  • Provide cybersecurity awareness and training all team members          
  • Implement encryption
  • Establish incident response and disaster recovery plans.

By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity and staying up to date with the latest threats and best practices, businesses can minimize their risk and protect themselves against emerging threats.

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