Huawei pulls out Cloud and Computing Business group: Reports


Huawei pulls out Cloud and Computing Business group: Reports

As per news reports, Huawei has issued a document internally to adjust its cloud business. The company has appointed Zhang Ping as the President of Cloud BU, and at the same time withdrawing the cloud and computing BG (Cloud & AI BG) the original server, storage, etc.


In terms of the “Network Products and Solutions”, the department’s name has been changed to ICT Product Solutions.


Huawei made a major personnel adjustment for this business on January 27, 2021, and appointed Yu Chengdong as the President (and concurrently) of Cloud & AI BG and the administrative management of Cloud & AI BG, while taking into account the consumer business. Team director, in addition, the new appointment did not describe Yu Chengdong’s position further.


As per the data of January 2020, Huawei has made a new round of adjustments to its organizational structure, elevating Cloud & AI to Huawei’s fourth-largest BG, and Hou Jinlong served as the President of Cloud & AI BG.


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