Communication intelligence is need of the hour for Government and Large Enterprise



Enterprise expenditure on Cyber Security is ever increasing. However, even the best of tools fail to detect major cyber-attacks. Worrisome is that these attacks are often just tweaks of older known attacks. To address the cyber security and cyber defence,communications intelligence (COMINT) is the most essential factor, which will be able to gathers information from the communications of individuals, including telephone conversations, text messages and various types of online interactions.


Not to be surprised , the technology can come to know about parties where are they located, which is required for the law and enforcement agencies, the organizational function of the transmitter, with the time and duration of communication and the frequencies and other technical details of note in the transmission. Secondly, it is also possible to know the encryption used and whether it can be decrypted.


We came across an organisation, Vehere, specialises in state-of-the-art Signals Intelligence and Cyber Defence capabilities in the broad communications spectrum and mission control protection against advanced cyber threats and data breaches. They are claimed to process enormous amounts of information, and our capabilities are improving all the time. We churn out the most sophisticated analytics to stay one step ahead of the people who pose a threat to an enterprise or a nation's security.


Vehere has more than a decade of experience with deployments ranging from tactical solutions to large nationwide strategic monitoring centres across governments, businesses and continents. Vehere's solutions have been successfully protecting privacy and security of sensitive customer data for more than a decade and they are the first to introduce integrated link analysis, geospatial mapping tools and speech recognition systems against the background of a 'dumb receiver' system way back in 2006.


With an intention to make the communication intelligence and cyber defence space. While government has been its main client where it continues to grow, the company is now helping enterprises to safeguard their networks. Vehere’s scientists have been working for close to a decade to develop technologies that augment human intelligence. The company publishes cutting-edge research in prestigious institutions including IEEE, Springer, and IJCN, one on an average every quarter. Our scientists believe that machines are meant to augment and not replace human intelligence with the ultimate goal of making a safer world.

Vehere to come up with cutting edge technological solutions. In return the company is catapulted into a different league of growth. It is consistently ranked among the fastest growing technology firms. Vehere has featured in the Deloitte list of fastest growing technology companies in India.


Naveen Jaiswal, Co-Founder & Head R & D, Vehere says, “We want to enable the national security agencies to make the world safer. So, our area of work ranges from ocean to space.” He opines that the core principle is simple – no matter how much complex a problem is. Vehere works with the belief that where humanity is out exploring the newer communications platform, it is fundamentally essential to collect, decipher and analyse information from diverse networks and data sources while protecting the privacy rights.

Talking of protecting privacy rights, Naveen says it is a tricky affair... He believes that the idea is to protect the security of nation without infringing privacy rights of citizens or netizens.




Government remains the main client. Naveen further adds, “No company working in this field can survive without government support. All our researches are primarily aimed at creating solution for the government.” He too believes like other experts that post 9/11 the homeland security has got a different dimension. It is not the combats fought at the borders. It is not the weapons are used in face to face battles fought in the terror zones. But it is a war not visible to most of us. The wars are now fought in the cyber space where enemies are active to debilitate critical infrastructure. Naveen, who heads the research and development wing of Vehere speaks from his experience from day-to-day scenarios. He believes that this is an area where no laxity can be allowed. He considers it as an everyday war fought at the government level. This is electronic war. Without revealing much he can only say that it is not about terror groups or criminal lords. Globally countries are spending a hell lot of money to gain supremacy in the electronic warfare.

With more and more rise of this tussle among countries, technology which augments Human Intelligence is in a rising demand curve. Hence cyber space which is yielding power to humans has also become a menace. In other words, this is a double-edged weapon which needs to be carefully handled so that cyber and communication-related crime could be curtailed, controlled and curbed. In-spite of tremendous technological advancements, predicting a cyber-crime incident is not easy. It needs constant vigil and innovation. And, Vehere endorses it due to its dedication and innovation.


Supporting this idea of human interference, Naveen said, “Here comes the need for analysis. It requires getting the right information from the available data, converting it into usable piece of information, finding patterns, applying artificial intelligence, storing it and then finally making predictions in real time.” Analysis of data from multiple sources in varied time frames is the name of the game.




Can anyone be perfect in handling cybercrime incidents? Perhaps the answer lies in the increasing amount of cybercrime incidents globally. Pragmatic and grounded, Naveen clearly states no technology, no device can be full proof. So, what is the way forward? He puts three basic questions on the platter.

How much risk one can live with?


How quickly one can close the gap?


What has been lost?


And these three questions form the base of security needs as well as requirements. For a country. For an enterprise too. Believing this, Vehere is foraying majorly in the enterprise category. Praveen Jaiswal, a Delhi School of Economics alumnus, taking a cue from his partner Naveen’s thoughts, stated the future plans for Vehere. He heads the business and business development related activities of the company.


Vehere’ R&D Centre actively pursues innovations in Technology and Cyber Security for LENS (Law Enforcement and National Security) Agencies, Intelligence Agencies, Defence and Large Enterprises




Broadly speaking, Vehere works in the domain of Communications Intelligence and Cyber defence. Praveen said the expansion plans are made on the basis of strength of the company’s ability to deliver cutting edge technical solutions in these fields. He said, “We have decided to enter into the enterprise segment in a big way. With the focus on digital economy, cyber defence mechanism needs to be in place.” He adds, “the backbone of the country lies in the patterns of communications and transaction. This makes security an integral part of all the digital platforms. In this regard, Naveen is of the opinion that most of the digital platform fall short of adequate security.”

Besides enterprise segment, Vehere plans to be in the foreign markets like US and Europe. In the niche sector of security where Vehere is in, there is no competitor in the domestic market, claims Naveen. Globally, Israel is the major player in this segment.


This is definitely a proud fact to bask in. But this unique position also gives rise to perception problem. Naveen and Praveen, both say how the industry in general and the buyers would react in complete surprise and disbelief when they come to know of the roots of the company. A technology company working in this niche area and having roots in India comes as an incredible information. But more surprise is in store for them when it is disclosed that Vehere is from Kolkata and not from the Indian Silicon Valley City of Bengaluru.


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