Digital technologies are transforming by bringing newer disruptions



With the changing business landscape unprecedented opportunities are awaited and the business leaders can expect the result ahead of the curve. Leaders need to understand the way business functions from a digital perspective - new paradigms of data-driven analytical insights, customer-focused innovation and innovate trends.


A research found that organizations are driving their IT teams to focus on network transformation projects in an effort to meet business goals like increasing network agility and cutting down on costs. The top three network transformation projects for enterprise IT in 2019 are deploying switch infrastructure, expanding cloud infrastructure and expanding Wi-Fi systems. As far as troubleshooting priorities go, 45% of enterprise IT professionals consider improving application performance across the entire network to be their largest focus. And, more than a third of networking professionals cited improved network agility as their highest priority in 2019, reinforcing it as one of the most important business goals in the industry.


The modern IT landscape is in a state of flux, as industry-wide adoption of technologies and initiatives like SD-WAN, multi-cloud and edge computing present a host of business opportunities and networking challenges. It's no wonder these technologies are being adopted at such rapid rates. Take SD-WAN for example; some businesses transitioning to SD-WAN have seen cost savings of up to 50%, increased efficiency and improved productivity. As a result, the SD-WAN market is projected to reach $4.5 billion in 2022.


To keep IoT devices safe, Kaspersky advises the following:


* When deciding what part of your life you're going to make a little bit smarter, consider the security risks.

* Before buying an IoT device, search the internet for news of any vulnerabilities with the vendor or the device.


Along with the standard bugs often found in new products, recently launched devices may have security issues that researchers have not yet discovered. With this in mind, the best choice is to buy products that have already experienced several software updates rather than the most recent products released on the market.


Make sure all your devices are up to date with all the latest security and firmware updates.


Use a security solution like Kaspersky Security Cloud that protects online accounts and home Wi-Fi networks. This solution will notify the user if any unknown devices try to connect to the network, and will automatically alert the user of security threats with expert advice on what action to take.


As India progressively moves forward on its path of digitization with the government introducing advanced technologies in various sectors and even concentrating their focus on digitally advancing villages.


From huge critical infrastructures to an individual with a mobile phone all need to have the correct cybersecurity practices in place. The government should spend its cybersecurity budgets on making people aware of the challenges and threats, conduct trainings for the government employees and also promote the same for the Indian companies. What is also required is for the government to spend on updating the old operating systems to save ATM's from attacks like Wannacry and keep the other systems in check by implanting advanced security frameworks that are needed to be ready to fight cybercrime.


These vulnerabilities included bugs in the cloud infrastructure and potential remote code execution flaws that would allow a third party to get ‘super user' access to the controller and manipulate the smart home infrastructure any way they chose.

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