The Digital Camera Market Is In Serious Trouble



The worldwide shipment of the camera across all the categories shows a drop by more than 50% in the last one year. Sales of digital cameras worldwide remain in free fall reason of high powered resolution and increasing storage capacity in the Smart phone.


The last twelve months have seen a rush of new Mirrorless cameras from just about every camera manufacturer. From Nikon's Z6 and Z7, to Canon's EOS R series, to Sony's massive 61MP A7R IV. But with all this focus on new mirrorless designs, plus assurances that DSLRs will still be developed.


The statistics come from the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA)and shows a disturbing downward trend, not only with DSLR shipments (which we would expect thanks to the mirrorless revolution) but it turns out that sales of all these new mirrorless cameras have dropped even more dramatically! Here's the brief breakdown:


* Shipment of digital camera dropped by 74.8% in June 2019, compared to June 2018

* There are no signs the situation may get better

* DSLR shipments have dropped by 56.8% compared to 2018

* Mirrorless camera shipments have dropped by 79.8% compared to 2018

* Lens shipment has dropped by 67.1% compared to last year

* Compact camera shipments have dropped by 88.2% compared to last year and it is because of the iPhone.


It is absolutely true that, Nobody carries a pocket camera with them anymore. The ease of having a smartphone camera in your pocket has been just too compelling and convenient to use. In Imaging System, the sales and profit of interchangeable-lens cameras to decline, due to the continued impact of mainly entry-class DSLR market contraction. “However, in the area of mirrorless cameras, the effects of expanding the lineup will continue to lead to sales growth.”


The DSLR shipments (down 56.8%) and a shocking 79.8% on mirrorless cameras. Even in the year of Canon's focus on mirrorless designs, and Nikon's Z series, have done nothing to reverse the downward sales trend. Even Sony has taking it on the chin with a drop in 800,000 camera units projected by the end of the year. And shooters aren't buying lenses much either, with a drop of over 67% in the last year.

In an interview with Nikkei, Canon president Fujio Mitarai gave some insight into how Canon is viewing the rapidly changing market. Mitarai notes that the current global market for interchangeable lens cameras is roughly 10 million units per year, but Canon’s sales have been steadily dropping by 10% a year over the past few years. Mitarai further said, that mirrorless cameras don’t add to the total number of digital cameras sold, but instead they’re replacing existing DSLR sales.

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