Vivek Dharia, CIO - KNP Securities


Vivek Dharia,  CIO - KNP Securities

“Investing in full-stack digital dependencies ensures higher ROI”



Redefined CIO role

The role of CIO is to develop IT infrastructure architecture and to execute large programs required to create the company’s big data storage to get the necessary insights. 


A CIO has to primarily focus on a combination of business-process improvement by managing and ensuring cybersecurity, supporting end users, and reducing costs to get the best business deal.



Innovations & ROI

To get good and fair business we must have good content and tools which are required to create great experiences and also building awareness on digital transformation is critical.  Emerging technologies is essential to stay ahead of competitors so investing in full-stack digital dependencies ensures higher ROI.



Key Priorities

We have at present 78% of respondents who have fully adopted digital technology, while 12% have partially adopted digital solutions. The remaining 10% have plans to do so in the next two years. To get digitized business we have adopt secure consumer centric approach which balances customer experience with business performance. 


We also studied Transformation Process Change with ROI, digital transformation, delivery results and customers expectation.


We have to find out best social media, which will deliver the best return on our investment of time and resources. So we have to identify best channel to define and achieve best business goal to get our category of customers.



“Customer experience has always been important when it comes to digital transformations where complete digital transformation is essential in staying ahead of the competition. The result is increased sales and employee productivity, reduced cost and improved operational efficiency.”


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