Vijay Sethi, CIO, CHRO & Head CSR - Hero MotoCorp Ltd.


Vijay Sethi,  CIO, CHRO & Head CSR  - Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

“A CIO today is more of a Business Executive than a technology delivery Executive”



Redefined CIO role
Role of a CIO is undergoing a huge transformation today. Consumerization of IT, changing profile of workforce where people now have a very high level of IT awareness, increasing penetration of technologies not just Social media, mobility, analytics and cloud (SMAC) but also technologies like IoT, AR, VR, Chatbots, Blockchain etc. in various aspects of business and a huge focus on Analytics including AI and ML that businesses are having today, CIO cannot be just a technical person. Innovation is at forefront of all business leaders today and they realize IT (and CIO) can play a key role in helping organizations innovate and in changing culture of the organization. The expectations from IT department and hence the CIO today are very different from what it has been just a couple of years ago as everyone in companies today is aware of value that IT can bring to the table.
In such a scenario, role of CIO is not expected to just ensure delivery of projects on time but to be an integral part of strategic discussions as to how IT and digital technologies can help business achieve or surpass its goals, create new business models and gain competitive edge. CIO today is more of a business executive than a technology delivery executive.


Innovations & ROI
Success Mantra is simple - business and IT are partners and work in tandem, experimentation and Risk taking is encouraged and failures are not penalized – rather one should learn from failures and move on, agility is important, be it dealers or vendors, the entire eco system has to be ‘digitally transformed’ to deliver real value from IT investments and customer has to always to be in focus.


Key Priorities
The top priorities are:

•    To be a partner to the various business leaders to help them achieve their objectives using power of digital technologies to innovate not just processes but products and business models, enhance customer experience, improve partners and employee engagement and satisfaction, reduce costs, improve productivity and workforce effectiveness and deliver value to business.

•    To enhance analytical capabilities and skills of the organization to help the organization become more agile and build a data driven culture

•    To use technology to help improve compliance and information security levels in all aspects of working of the organization.


“Hero MotoCorp has always been at the forefront of adoption of technology for many years as everyone in the organization realises the value that technology can bring. We have many firsts to our credit with respect to new age technologies and it is not just the IT teams but the entire organization that is eager to adopt new technologies – whether in products, processes, services or at the shop floor.”

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