Neeru Mohindru, CMO - Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Neeru Mohindru,  CMO  -  Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Creating awareness about M1xchange – the core target for FY19



Converging role of CIO & CMO 

The convergence is very essential for planning and successful implementation of growth strategies. CIO is well placed today to bring data analysis of the business transactions to help strategise the enhancement of customer experience.


As we are an exchange, three participants namely Buyer, Seller and Financier are the customers on M1xchange. CIO is helping us analyse the lifecycle of transaction for each participant and how to streamline each point in this lifecycle. This analysis helps us to engage with three participants and strategise to smoothen the flow of transaction. Technology enablement at each stage is being planned basis this engagement.


Further adoption of technology platform for CRM is being done as joint project by CIO team and Business units.



Technologies scaling up business

Being financial platform, and with new threats emerging in the market, there is a strong need of continuously evolving security controls, which would continue to be one of our top priorities, apart from bringing in new products to the market.


Also, we intend to employ artificial intelligence based analytics solutions to prevent and detect potential frauds on the platform. In addition, we intend to use artificial intelligence to understand our customers’ needs to be able to serve them better.



Key Priorities

Spreading the awareness amongst MSME enterprises and making them ready for transaction on M1xchange is the key challenge. We are using social networks, and engaging with trade bodies for this awareness. 

The enhancement of customer experience is the other program we are working on.



“Our core target for FY 19 is to make enterprises aware about M1xchange and further enhance the existing customer experience. We have started online conferences in partnership with trade bodies to provide maximum coverage. Social advertisements and events are done continuously. Further we are going to run a customer survey for ease of use and other feedback. Technology enablement is being planned by M1xchange to source customer experience online and also from flow of transactions.”

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