Sunil Kumar, CTO - Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Sunil Kumar, CTO - Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

CIOs now expected to participate in Business Transformation  



Redefined CIO role

Since the start of this decade, digital first paradigm has started transforming the way businesses are run. Significant amount of sales, marketing and transactions have moved from offline to online mode.


With this change in paradigm, a CIO is not just expected to deliver software but also participate in business transformation through innovation on online channels including social media.



Innovations & ROI

Mynd Solutions, the company running M1xchange, has focused on SaaS based offerings in HR and Finance domains and has been very successful with the same. We are expanding our product portfolio, to enable MSMEs, large Corporates, Banks and other Financing companies, to quickly implement their automation needs on our platforms, rather than making huge upfront investments and then waiting for products to be delivered for many months, without a sight of RoI of such investments.


We intend to launch these new products in the upcoming financial year, with online campaigns at a large scale to educate the target segment about how adopting Digital solutions could keep their businesses relevant and help them to scale up quickly.



Key Priorities

There used to be times, when the only role of the CIO was to run IT operations within budget and deliver within timelines. However, in this new age, the role is enhanced much further.  Apart from cost and timeline controls, CIOs have to own-up driving the internal change management, move the business to Digital and to drive and control revenue targets from Digital channel.


In M1xchange, for the year 2019, we intend to further capture our target market segment through our already very effective online marketing channels and reach out to the right audience. 


We intend to influence the target market segment, to demonstrate how easy it is for even a novice computer user to use the platform, get financing easily and without much paperwork, and grow their businesses.


“We as an organization are completely aware of fast evolution in technology space, and have been constantly evolving our platforms to adopt the newer technologies. We are at the forefront of adopting newer technologies to keep our platforms up-to-date and keep the customer experience on our platform to be the best in class.”

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