Sourav Das, CIO Aditya Birla Group Essel Mining Business


Sourav Das,   CIO Aditya Birla Group  Essel Mining Business

Cloud to be a critical part of Essel Mining & Industries’ journey in 2019


Redefined CIO role  

CIO is no longer in a support role; they are now business differentiators. To pick the best fit technology for business differentiation, understanding of the business and the markets are of utmost importance and also, the need for risk appetite – trying the unknown. In summary, the CIO today is hence like a CEO, who owns the business and decides for the best of it.



Innovations & ROI
We have identified specific areas of our business where we see IT delivering significant value and differentiation – like Logistics Planning, Process Automation, Cost Optimization, EHS Compliance etc. Against these blocks we have then done AS-IS v/s To-BE from a solution perspective, and thereafter tried to fit possible technologies. This whole exercise is done jointly between business and IT team along with Group IT SMEs for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.



Key Priorities
We have come a long way in recent times and 2019 is very critical year for us. This year we have added two new businesses. There is a lot of consolidation and integration of existing applications (like SAP with Fuel Management) as well as need to evaluate several new technologies – like Drone, GPS, etc. Cloud would be a critical part of our journey this year.


“Given the nature of our business being age-old mining and operating out of remote locations, however, business is highly adaptable to changes and newer technologies, as long as the basic IT support is in place. Senior leadership takes a lead in thinking out of the box – for example, in terms of customer centricity, as an industry first; we have started seamless communication and updates to our customers during the entire buying process. To further on this, we are also planning for an IT CSat survey of our customers (for employees is already in place since long), to understand how they feel about us adopting technology and simplifying the process – after all Customer is the King!!”

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