Sourabh Tiwari, CIO - Meril Group of Companies


Sourabh Tiwari, CIO - Meril Group of Companies

"In 2019 CIOs aim for “Securing a New Foundation for Digital Business"


Redefined CIO role
It is important for the CIO to be involved at all levels of the company. CIO is not just in charge of running existing infrastructure, but their IT knowledge and business acumen make them ideally placed to help achieve a company’s strategic goals. CIOs want to remain relevant; they need to align their activities with the business priorities of their organizations. IT delivery is still a responsibility of the CIO, achieving revenue growth and developing digital transformation was identified most often as top business priorities for organizations. There seems to be a positive correlation between the empowerment of the CIO function and digital maturity. The more advanced an organization’s digital agenda, the more likely it is that the CIO has a seat in the boardroom.


Innovations & ROI
Plan and execute you movement:  Formulate a business technology synch-roadmap.
Push-Pull theory mechanism: Best way to grow any organization is to force manager to grow upwards with motivational support.

Complain up and motivate down: People at the management are responsible for change. They are to be criticized for betterment. Positive criticism brings good energy to the organization.

Growth is always organizational: People grow when company grows.

Work you portion but know the big picture: Understanding and awareness of the goal of the project Know you company strengths: Knowing your company is important to your project.
Competitor analysis: Knowing your company accelerate growth within a company but knowing its competitors guarantees your success in the industry.


Key Priorities
Scaling Digital Business: Scale is the intent to increase consumer engagement via digital channels. The ability to support greater scale is being invested in and developed in three key areas: volume, scope and agility. All aim at encouraging consumers to interact with the organization. 

Steady IT Budgets: The transformation toward digital business is supported by steady IT budget growth. CIOs should use their financial resources to make 2019 a transformative year for their businesses.

AI and Cybersecurity: The strong focus on cybersecurity shows the necessity of creating a secure base for digital business that shields their organization and clients. To improve security against cyber threats, in all organizations, CIOs are combining measures to harden information-processing assets with efforts to influence the people that use technology.  In fact, AI comes in second, behind cybersecurity.


“In the past decade, transformations like social media, mobile, analytics and cloud have fundamentally changed the way we do business. Businesses that keep abreast of these digital transformations will enjoy measurable and persistent advantages over competitors. On the one hand, organizations that adapt to the changing landscape will enjoy significant advantages, from increased productivity to higher IT spending ROI. Digital transformation principle works under “Plan-Make-Sell-Operate” framework.” 


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