Sayed Peerzade, Group CIO Reliance Big Entertainment


Sayed Peerzade,  Group CIO  Reliance Big Entertainment

Reliance Big Entertainment - a Fast Mover in Technology adoption 


Redefined CIO role 
Post Digitalisation era, when technology started driving businesses, CIO who was just managing the IT as support function, started to involve in Business. Those who developed core competency at this time of changes have become part of business board. Some of them gone ahead and proposes new business lines to management and started to manage revenues. In my case when task of consolidation of technology on all businesses given to me, I take the ownership and thought it in entirely different way. It’s not only about changing the technology, ideas was to bring such technologies that business should be free of expansion headaches, quick time to market and excellent user experience.


Innovations & ROI
Innovation and ROI also depend on kind of business you are in to. In our case apart from traditional entertainment businesses, we build whole lots of digital business portfolios. Since we adapted new technologies like SMAC very early comparing to market, it resulted in huge advantage for us when convergence factor happened in India on internet. We are prepared for growth as well as analysing our businesses. A whole lot of new businesses on our past learning and strengths were launched. Good thing about this is IT played a major role in launching and managing these businesses. Analytics/AI/ML also played major part in increasing customer experience, automation of products, user retention and acquisition. And more importantly increase of revenues. Although we spend a lot on bringing these technologies, immediate positive revenues proves the ROI. You need to study and plan these adaptations well, do your homework, be accustomed to numbers and business.


Key Priorities
CIOs definitely have become key to influence the organization. Definitely we have to manage the service at the same time control the cost. Day by day business dependency is increasing on the technology, it’s essential to keep tab on costs as well because those things are major impact on business P&L. The risk of security on the IP of product, User Data and Revenue leak tremendously increased. Best way to tackle is to include the info/network/data security as including part of Digital transformation design strategy. We have done the same when we started this journey, we distributed data which should be protected which should be open and designed our cloud strategies accordingly. Same goes with Analytics. More and more data privacy restriction coming in place like GDPR, if you have taken initial steps at design stage, those new things will be very easy to implement with some tweaks as per process.



“We succeeded because of adaptation of newer technologies faster than any one in industry. Entire media as well as ICT industry known Reliance Entertainment as early movers. The basic fundamental for any CIO to see the success and make his business successful, at least I have followed this throughout my career - To take on the projects and challenges that no one else wanted to do.”


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