Sanjeev Kumar, Director & CIO - DoyenGC-ApON India & USA


Sanjeev Kumar, Director & CIO - DoyenGC-ApON India & USA

“Knowledge of IT and its impact is not esoteric anymore and is widely known to CFOs, CMOs and CEOs” 



Redefined CIO role
With the advent of digital transformation and adoption of ML, AI, RPA, Blockchain, Mobile, the technologies will have profound impact on future of businesses and their survival. CEOs and Board are truly concerned about role IT department in an organization.


Role of CIO has changed, for some it is in pipe line to get transformed and for some it will be outsourced as strategic initiatives by hiring special multi-dimensional skills depending on projects. In few cases organizations run a parallel track to gain on speed.   Knowledge of IT and its impact is not esoteric anymore and is generally widely known to CFOs, CMOs and CEOs.    These C level people are leading many digital transformation projects in many organizations those are likely to create immense business value making their respective organizations distinct and different.  Overall awareness about IT, Analytics, AI, ML, RPA , Digital is increasing among top management teams in  the organization.


CIOs are fully alert and aware.  They are driving and marching along the path with flag-up in their hand.  They are leading the pack.  Few CIOs who are confident on their capabilities to create business value constantly, have become independent and they are very high on demand. 



Innovations & ROI
In our company all technology related changes are driven by Management Initiatives (MI). We form MI teams, all C level people get involved, and they lead by taking ownerships, set the objectives with budgets and timeline.  The line between IT and business has completely dissolved.  CIO is also like other C level people and they together deliver ROI.  In most of the projects we engage experts, ex-C levels, who focus on strategic aspects and bring in a perspective making it fully beneficial. 



Key Priorities
We are handling many projects related to Digital Transformation and Security.  Our top projects for 2019 are Analytics, RPA, AI and Machine Maintenance convergence, Cloud migration and Security, and Supply Chain Optimization using deep analytics.



“The possibilities are raining cats and dogs with incessantly raining technology adoption opportunities. C suite should grab and welcome these with an open arm. Experts are in scarce and occupied, they do not  knock doors as sales people do often so proactively engage with them to deliver. Never try to do these all alone. There is no room for mistakes and learning from there and redo. We have to do first time right.”


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