Rajiv Kumar Mishra, Head – IT - Times OOH



Times OOH fosters an environment where ideas are shared openly and tested regularly


Redefined CIO role
CIO’s role is getting transformed and their responsibilities are expanding beyond the world of IT now. CIOs have started working with business units to enable digital transformation and innovation. They are pointing towards data and analytics as the most critical aspects in their process to move businesses forward and accomplishes organization’s requirement. To achieve this, four things that CIOs need to master - lay out a data-driven IT strategy, execute it, dive into the data and make alliances.



Innovations & ROI
The success mantras of the company are:
•    We encourage innovation by fostering an environment where ideas are shared openly and tested regularly by employees. Sharing and testing of ideas is the key for our innovative business.

•    Building a culture of experimentation or innovation.

•    Focus on customers through creativity and innovations.

•    Freedom to employees to take risks and that’s led to creativity and innovative ideas.



Key Priorities
The key priorities are:
1.    Strengthening organization’s capabilities in three areas:
    •   Volume: Access more customers and more transactions via digital channels
    •   Scope: Enable customers to perform a variety of different services and activities
    •   Agility: Increase ability to change quickly based on shifts in customers demand
2.    Staying active in business transformation discussion and infuses business strategy with understanding of IT capabilities.
3.    Drive toward improved customer engagement.
4.    Educating the leadership on how to think about and take more responsibility for cybersecurity risk.


“As we are a media organization, we are technology driven and focused towards use of latest technologies to keep our media space including OTT availability up to our subscriber’s expectations. We keep on evaluating technologies which benefit us in content and app management, real time broadcasting and other streaming business.”

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