Pawan Chawla, Partner & CIO Lucideus


Pawan Chawla,   Partner & CIO Lucideus

Innovative technologies deciding the present and future of CIO transformation


Redefined CIO role 
While the CIO’s role has evolved over the past few decades, the changes for the CIO resulting from the digital pursuit may be greater and more fundamental than ever.
Innovative technologies are deciding the present and future of CIO transformation today and will continue to decide in the future as well. CIO’s has to buckle up to stay ahead in the race to assist the organization to climb the ladder to the top.

Note, the digital transformation is not just a technology or a trend, which anyone can learn and implement quickly. It requires leadership, proper strategy and clear implementation.



Innovations & ROI 
An ROI calculation quantifies both the costs and the expected benefits of investment over a specific timeframe, usually three to five years. CIO’s plays an important role resulting in justifying ROI on investment in technology.


●    Customer Feedback helps us improve product and services - We take customer feedback very seriously. Their opinion is a major source of improving customer experience and adjusting our actions to support their needs in our offered product and services.

●    Personalizing customer requirements - Basis feedback we align our goal of personalizing customer requirements. Instead, we focus on creating an ongoing experience in the customer life cycle.

●    CIO shall continue mapping efforts basis- The mapping effort using micro-level and macro level quantification helps us define the need of customer basis which we develop a stream of services and enhancement in the product resulting in a new revenue earning an opportunity for us.


Key Priorities
A CIO can no longer spend time thinking about programs, data centres, networks, corporate resource planning (ERP) programs and driving down operating costs. With Software as a service and cloud-based applications traditional back-office IT management is no longer the role’s main focus.

Following are our initiatives to secure digital footprint -
●    Use personalized customer experience to boost the journey of the consumers: In general, top performers have effective cybersecurity programs and measurement schemes.  

●    Cyber Attacks are showstoppers; don’t let it stop yours: There are legions of reputational and business damage caused by a cyber attack. We emphasize on good governance, good mitigation, Institutional practices in cybersecurity and risk management to improve information security.



“How we are implementing digital transformation in our business are as follows:
Digitization adaptation - Since our business is going to be significantly transformed by digital technology, finding ways to support/assess cloud, IoT, AI and data analytics will be key focus areas for us to work upon.
People Training - We will be focusing on to train our existing staff to adapt and learn new skills by investing in training material, videos based training, attending webinars /seminars etc.”


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