Deepak Madan Sr. VP – Information Systems Wave Infratech


Deepak Madan  Sr. VP – Information Systems  Wave Infratech

“Evolving disruptions demand innovations and innovations demand new technologies”


Redefined CIO role  
A CIO is responsible for deciding the IT strategy and ensuring that this works with business strategy. The CIO role is incredibly important for growth of the organization and it has evolved and changed with increasing focus on business growth rather than just running IT systems.



Innovations & ROI
Several intelligent systems are used in Real Estate, leveraging new technologies. Some of the innovative solutions are:

3-D Walkthroughs: This is an innovative technology to design high quality walkthroughs on online portal for customer to experience the project

Use of Drones: Drones are used for city surveillance and the footage is used for rendering to plan a picture of the project.

Home Automation: New innovative products are used to control lighting, climate, entertainment system and appliances to make it a smart home.

Smart City: Various intelligent systems are implemented to make city a “Smart City”. These include Smart Meters, Waste Management System, Intelligent Street lighting etc. 



Key Priorities
The agenda for 2019 is to automate internal processes, implement efficient Document Management System to digitize organization wide documents for faster retrieval and evaluate emerging technologies for possible adoption to leverage business growth.


“Evolving challenges demand innovations and innovations demand new technologies. New technologies are changing the way businesses are run these days. The future is digital and the journey has just begin for us. We keep our eyes open and adopt newer technologies which we feel are necessary for our business growth.” 



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